Auburn Baby Photographer ~ Parker

Photo shoot with Auburn baby photographer, Jennifer Wilcox of a one year old baby boy.  Birthday portraits and a cake smash.

Auburn Baby Photographer

Happy birthday to this handsome little man!  I am so happy his parents hired me to be his Auburn baby photographer because he was so pleasant to work with.  Parker was 100% comfortable in the studio and it was so easy to coax a smile out of him.  What a blessing he must be to his family because he is so good natured.  Parker is having a Spider Man themed birthday party to celebrate his one year milestone.  Super fitting since he has a super hero name.  His cake was so awesome that after taking a picture of him with it we carefully wrapped it back up so that it could make its debut at his birthday party.  I can’t wait to get this wonderful family the images from their son’s portrait session.  He is such a charmer!  My hope is that clients will always remember to print their images.  These adorable portraits of Parker need to be up on the walls of his home and in the hands of his loving family!  Pictures have no value if they stay on a CD in your drawer!

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Seattle Newborn Photographer ~ Rowan

Seattle newborn photographer, Jennifer Wilcox, takes perfect portraits of a brand new baby boy with a Fall theme.

Seattle Newborn Photographer

Most people look forward to Fall because of the beautiful display Nature puts on with all of the colors of the changing leaves.  We look forward to the air turning crisp so that we can line up at Starbucks for that all so delicious pumpkin spiced latte.  We love to curl up by the fireplace with a good book and slow down a little.  There are the Holidays fast approaching that bring the promise of family time and goodwill.  So many wonderful reasons to look forward to the coming of Fall.  For this family there was another that trumps all of those perfectly delightful reasons.  They were expecting a baby.  Rowan was coming, and that meant a baby to hold, a tiny warm body to snuggle, a miniature hand to hold tightly to yours.  A son!  As much as I love Fall and all of the great things that we all love about the changing of the season, there is nothing more worthy of excited anticipation than the arrival of a baby.

I was more than happy to bring a little bit of the Fall season that Rowan was born in to his portrait session.  As a Seattle newborn photographer, styling sessions is the easy part of what I do.  Rowan’s mom sent me a picture she had pinned from Pinterest with a baby in a crate with leaves and I went from there.  His portraits look so perfect together I hope that his parents will use them to create a beautiful keepsake album.  What a treasure that will be.

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Lakewood Newborn Photographer ~ Marit

Lakewood Newborn Photographer

Lakewood Newborn Photographer

Suddenly your baby girl is so big as you hold your newest daughter in your arms.  And then there is the change happening in your heart.  You thought it was full before.  But it is growing, expanding, doubling in size.  Just a look into her perfect little face and you know you will love her just as much as her sister.  There is no doubt.  Together, mother and daughters you will map out your eternity.  As you hold her little newborn hand you wish time could slow for just a little bit so that you can have the time you need to soak in all the feels.  You are a mom, not just to one beautiful little girl, but to two perfect daughters.  There is so much joy, you are overwhelmed.  But one thing is for sure.  You have the peace of knowing that these sacred wonderful moments are captured perfectly, because you hired a professional Lakewood newborn photographer.  You know she will grow in the twinkling of an eye.  But you will always have these beautiful baby portraits to remember every perfect newborn detail of your tiny little princess.

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Puyallup Baby Photographer ~ Elise

cake smash, baby milestones, baby pictures, birthday

Puyallup Baby Photographer

You look at her with wonder.  How in the world in one short year has she changes from a tiny, helpless newborn to a spunky, full of energy toddler.  It is a wonder and a miracle.  There is so much change during the first year and you want to remember it all!  Like that moment you set a perfectly beautiful cake that you made down in front of her and she smiled so big you couldn’t help but smile too.  And then you laugh because she was more interested in pushing the cake stand around the room then actually eating any cake.  Cake smash sessions are full of fun.  Those big beautiful eyes make you swoon.  You will be so happy you hired a Puyallup Baby Photographer to capture them perfectly for you.  These moments will never be forgotten.  Even when your memory is full of cobwebs you can look at these beautiful portraits of your birthday girl and remember, forever…how much you loved her and all her silly sas.

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Halloween Mini Sessions

 Here are the details!

Please read them so there won’t be any surprises as this is not your TYPICAL mini session provided by a photography studio.

My daughter Emily and her friend Rachel, need to earn money to get themselves down to Peru next summer where they want to serve a service mission to build a new school, practice their Spanish and spend a day sight seeing.  The amount of money they need to earn is a little overwhelming.  This idea was born while brainstorming how to help them make this happen themselves.  These girls are amazing with kids, and have a lot of photography experience.  Here is how it will work.

There will be several 10 minute time slots available to choose from.  Signing up is first come, first serve.

Click HERE is the schedule!

When you go to sign up for your slot you will be required to pay your $20 fee up front.  That way we won’t have any no shows and loose valuable spots to people that don’t come.  I will be using Paypal as the portal to collect the session fees.  You do not have to have an account.  You can use your credit card without having an account.

If you are lucky enough to secure yourself a time slot, all you have to do is select your little one’s outfit and wait until Saturday.

We will see you at the mini session event on Saturday.  Please have your child come in their costume so that we don’t loose any of your valuable time.  You have 10 minutes.

Here is my studio address:  12426 136th Ave E Puyallup 98374  Please park on the street so that you don’t get blocked in.

Emily (my daughter) and Rachel (her BFF) will be working in the studio to capture that one perfect picture of your sweet heart.  I will have all the equipment set up for them.  Basically they will be working as a team to coax a bright smile out of your youngster and to push the shutter button on the camera.  I will be there the WHOLE time and overseeing ever session.  But I want the girls to do the work.  Remember this is a FUNDRAISER!  Imagine pictures with Santa in the mall, but having super fun girls, a professional who cares about your portraits and 100% of the proceeds going to an excellent cause!  You win because you get to come home with a super affordable and excellent quality Halloween portrait, and we win because your contribution helps these girls reach their goals.

There is only one child per portrait time slot.  NO SIBLING PHOTOS!  If you have three children, and you want pictures of them all you have to grab and pay for three time slots.  Babies MUST be sitting on their own if you are bringing them for a portrait.

Pictures will be edited over the weekend and delivered on Monday, October 17th.

Any questions?  Feel free to post them in the comments below!

We are excited to see you there!!!

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