Tacoma Maternity Photographer ~ Exposed

Tacoma Maternity Photographer  Jennifer Wilcox Photography Joey 3 Tacoma Maternity Photographer ~ Exposed
Maternity and motherhood expose you.  That is the honest truth.  They strip you down to your raw self.  In that moment when you are bringing a baby into the world there is nothing except your natural animal instincts taking over.  Your body is in control.  Even if you had a list of how everything was supposed to be, it flew out the window with that first push.  You’re lucky if you even make it that far.  I remember going to the hospital thinking I was going to be able to be all modest, with a sheet over my lap and just the doctor and one nurse in the room with my husband and I.  The whole hospital staff could have been there for all I care and know.  In that moment I was overcome with womanhood and bringing a life into the world.  Mascara….forget about it.

It doesn’t stop there with the laboring raw, naked and instinctive.  Motherhood will continue to expose you.  You will find out what your really made of when you’re cleaning up smeared baby poop artistically applied to the wall you just painted.  You will find out just how strong you are when you realize that you haven’t had more than 3 hours of sleep straight in three months.  That first time you have to trust your mother instincts when the doctor says there is nothing wrong will expose the mama in you for sure.  Year by year the layers will be peeled back.  The real you, will be exposed.

Eventually what is left will be an amazing woman.  Strong, brave, confident, fiercely loyal, selfless, loving, tolerant, patient and a zillion other wonderful raw traits that you never knew where in you.  They weren’t, at least not like they are now.  Motherhood made you that way.

Like a block of stone carved by a master. Layer by layer is chiseled away.  Years of work.  Until all that is left is the most beautiful master piece you have ever seen.  A woman, a mother….

I love photographing maternity clients near nude.  With all of their curves exposed.  It is poetic and symbolic.  Raw beauty is the best kind.

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Port Orchard Baby Photographer ~ Daddy’s Boy

Port Orchard Baby Photographer Jennifer Wilcox Photography Cake Smash Nolan 2 1024x736 Port Orchard Baby Photographer ~ Daddys Boy

Up on the blog today is a little guy whose parents come see me me from Port Orchard for baby photography.  I always hope that my clients that have to travel a ways to come see me find it well worth their time and gas money.  So many of my clients come from places at least an hour away.  It makes me feel like I have to be really on top of my game to get great images for them.  For me, reshoots are not an option.

When I prep parents for their baby’s session I always ask them to bring their child’s favorite toys.  They are very helpful in making little ones feel more comfortable in a strange new place.  They also play a role in getting baby to smile sometimes.  And every once in a while they become part of a portrait themselves.  One of Nolan’s favorite toys is his police car.  I knew when I saw it that I had to work it into some portraits.  Nolan’s daddy is a police officer, so how perfect for this.  There are others that show the car better.  But this is the one that really speaks to me.  Something about the total genuine way he is playing with it, makes me swoon.

I love my job.  That is all.  Thank you to the H family for being wonderful, wonderful clients over this last year.  Happy birthday to their easy going handsome boy!

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Puyallup Baby Photographer ~ Heart Throb

Puyallup Baby Photographer  Jennifer Wilcox Photography cake smash 1 Puyallup Baby Photographer ~ Heart Throb
Being a baby photographer I get to meet some really cool parents.  Jack’s parents met in China where Jack’s dad was a preforming artist and mom an admiring groupie.  Now they are here in Puyallup (technically Graham) running their own business and raising a beautiful family.  I got to be Jack’s newborn photographer and document his first year milestones.  He is always so charming.  I swear he is a baby heart throb.  I am definitely a groupie!  I was so excited that his parents were bringing Dad’s ukulele.  I just know that this portrait is going to be one that they treasure for sure!  Baby photography sessions are always bitter sweet.  It means not seeing a sweet little person, and his / her awesome parents, that I have grown to really enjoy until a little brother or sister comes along.  Happy birthday Jack!

PS  He was feeling a little under the weather on the day of his session.  And I know his sweet mom is worried about how things turned out.  I am so excited to surprise her with a whole gallery of images that I LOVE!!!!!

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Jackie T - March 26, 2014 - 11:14 am

Mom is going to be thrilled!

Tacoma Newborn Photographer ~ Sleeping Soundly

Tacoma newborn photographer Jennifer Wilcox Photography baby Judah 1024x735 Tacoma Newborn Photographer ~ Sleeping Soundly

I am super excited to share Judah’s sneak peak with you this evening.  Sessions where I get to use a new newborn photography prop are super special.  Judah’s parents came from Tacoma to have me take his newborn portraits.  Earlier last week I had received a surprise package from a friend with this beautiful gift.  I was so excited!  I had visions of how I would use it inside the studio and plans for being brave and trying something new by taking it out to use in my beautiful yard.  I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect situation as a photographer.  Judah is a stunning baby, it was a sunny day, he had finally settled into a sound sleep and I had the perfect spot outside in mind.  First we got the shot above.  I wanted to make sure we had something beautiful in case my experiment outdoors was a flop.  I am still learning to use natural light and to take pictures I am proud of in the great Washington outdoors.  It has been a very scary journey for me.  We wrapped Judah up all warm and snug and got him settled into the spot I had in mind.  Then I fixed his posing as much as he would let me with him still warm under a big blanket.  We took the big blanket off, took a few quick pictures and hustled him back inside.  He hardly made a peep.  I love that I have both of these images to give to his parents.  One that is traditionally me and one that is all about the place they call home; the beautiful pacific northwest.  Special thanks to my wonderful friend for a prop I am head over heels in love with.

Washington newborn Photographer jennifer wilcox photography 1024x735 Tacoma Newborn Photographer ~ Sleeping Soundly

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Eden - March 25, 2014 - 5:29 am

Beautiful! Love the outdoor shot!

Bonney Lake Baby Photographer ~ Teach A Boy To Fish

The Morris family has been coming to see me for years from Bonney lake for newborn and baby photography.  I remember when they found out they were expecting their second baby.  I was so excited for them when I found out they would be having a boy.  I can remember, just like it was yesterday, planning for his newborn session.  I wanted it to be special, and to have some relevance to their family.  I have followed Heidi and Greg on facebook for several years now and know that Greg is an avid fisherman.  So the idea was born to tie the hobby of a father to the joy of having a son.  The “fishing” theme has been incorporated into every one of Zac’s baby photograph sessions.  

Fishing in a bucket

Newborn Photographer Seattle Tacoma Puyallup Zachary 4 1024x735 Bonney Lake Baby Photographer ~ Teach A Boy To Fish

Playing with a fish

Bonney Lake Baby Photographer Zac 7 1024x736 Bonney Lake Baby Photographer ~ Teach A Boy To Fish
Fishing in the pond

Bonney Lake Baby Photographer Jennifer Wilcox Photography Zac 1024x735 Bonney Lake Baby Photographer ~ Teach A Boy To Fish

It has been such a pleasure to work with their family and to get two know two beautiful, sweet children.  I look forward to the time when I see that first photo show up on facebook of Dad and Zac fishing together.  What a sweet experience it is to be a part of a family’s special moments!  Happy Birthday Zac!!

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Melissa Berg - March 24, 2014 - 9:09 am

Adorable concept!!! Love them all. :)

Heather Woodward - March 24, 2014 - 7:21 am

How fun!!!!

Eden - March 22, 2014 - 1:18 pm

I love this theme! Well done!