Tacoma Newborn Photographer ~ Isaac

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Tacoma Newborn Photographer

Welcome to the world baby Isaac!  It was a pleasure to meet your mom and dad and to be your Tacoma newborn photographer.  I loved getting to snuggle you and rock you and look into those big dark eyes of yours.  You were such a great little sport on your special portrait day!  When clients come hire me to be there baby’s Tacoma newborn photographer they are hoping that I capture images of their baby just like these that I took of you.  You were perfection.  I almost got this sneak peek up for your mom before Mother’s Day.  That would have been awesome.  But she was probably busy holding you, rocking you and just being so thankful to be holding you in her arms.  So the day after Mother’s Day will have to do.  She looks so beautiful holding you.  Look at all that love captured in a portrait.  I hope you will be able to always look back at the images from your newborn session and know without a shadow of a doubt that you were wanted.  You were loved.  You were everything.

If you are expecting a baby please don’t trust anyone other than a professional Tacoma newborn photographer with capturing these fleeting memories.  You just created life.  You deserve the best.

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Seattle Baby Photographer ~ Sawyer

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Seattle Baby Photographer

There are so many cute portraits to share from Sawyer’s Seattle baby photography session.  It is always super hard to pick favorites, but it was extra hard in Sawyer’s case.  I think my favorite series of image is this little guy with his beautiful drum.  LOVED them all!  But then he was perfect in every other set so I had to share one from everything.  He really rocked his Mariner’s jersey.  That series is my next favorite.  Mom had all of the perfect sports gear to make that set really stand out and be awesome.  She really wanted a shot of her little guy and his reflection in the mirror too.  But for some reason this shot works well with sitting babies that are about six months old and it has never been an easy shot with one year old toddlers.  They just don’t like it.  Maybe they are smart enough to wonder why they are sitting on another baby, lol, who knows.  But I was quick with the shutter button and got two great portraits of Sawyer before he refused to sit on the other baby for one more minute.

If you want to take a trip down memory lane and see little Sawyer when he was just a few days brand new, clink on the link here to see his newborn photography post.

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Lakewood Baby Photographer ~ Julissa

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Lakewood Baby Photographer

Julissa is a happy girl.  Julissa is a big girl.  Julissa is a birthday girl.  She is a whole lot of things.  But one thing she is undoubtedly is a super model!  I have never, ever, ever had a little girl rock her birthday portrait session like Julissa did.  I am thanking my lucky stars that her parents hired me to be their daughter’s Lakewood baby photographer.  She is perfection!  I swear these images could be part of an advertising campaign and it has nothing to do with me.  It has everything to do with this little ladies ginormous eyes, smile and PERSONALITY!  She loved my scale.  It was bouncy, and that just made her day.  All of the images with this prop are my favorite from her cake smash birthday session.  And so I thought it was a must to use them all in her sneak peek so that you all could see the timeline of portrait perfection that she blessed me with.

Her parents will win hands down any cutest baby contest they ever enter with these stunning images of their baby girl.  This whole session came together so perfectly.  Julissa’s mommy knew exactly what she wanted.  She wanted rustic and she knew which props she wanted to use for the most part.  Every outfit was matched perfectly with her favorite sets.  And then on top of it all she brings me her perfectly portrait happy daughter.  This whole portrait session was elementary!  Perfect planning and perfect personality are a match made in Heaven!

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Olympia Newborn Photographer ~ Presley

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Olympia Newborn Photographer

This session!  Gah!  I just don’t have enough adjectives to describe how perfect it is.  I am SO glad this wonderful family chose me to be their Olympia newborn photographer!  I don’t often have clients drive north to see me, lol.  They are always driving south from Seattle.  What a blessing to work with such a lovely family.  Mom had send me a few emails with screen shots that she loved so that I would know how to style her session.  I feel like I met those expectations, especially considering little Presley was pretty alert during her session.  In spite of keeping her mommy up all night she was awake for such of her session and very interested in learning all about being an Olympia newborn photographer.  She didn’t realize that she was the start of the show, lol!  I really appreciated that this client for the most part sent me screen shots of my own work.  Sometimes clients send a list of images taken by other photographers.  It is nice when it is your own work clients want.  Also sometimes it is very difficult to replicate the work of another photographer.   And it is definitely a creativity killer.  Presley’s mommy did it just right.


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Gig Harbor Baby Photographer ~ Savannah

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Gig Harbor Baby Photographer

Just two years ago Savannah’s mom hired me to be her Gig Harbor baby photographer to take pictures of her big sister Eliana.  I can’t believe that I am know posting a sneak peek for Elizana’s little sister.  Time flies when families are growing.  But those years that seem to go by so quickly are filled with so much happiness. For a sneak peek of big sister’s session click here.  The one thing that Savannah have in common that makes for a really beautiful baby portrait is absolutely, indisputably, stunning eyes.  They are so big and expressive.  I don’t know if these sweet sisters get their perfect little peepers from their mommy or their daddy.  What I do know is that they are lucky little geese.

Savannah’s mommy had a special request for her daughter’s portrait session.  She wanted to make sure that I got at least one really awesome portrait of her baby girl sucking her fingers.  Check!  One perfect finger sucking portrait delivered!  I love it when I am able to give mom’s exactly what they want at their sessions.  I had lots of opportunists and took a few pictures that I love.  Little Savannah was a good little girl and shared her pretty smile with us too.  So we got a great mix of images that really show off this little lady’s budding personality.  That is exactly what milestone sessions are all about!

If you are looking to hire a Gig Harbor baby photographer, please check out my portfolio to see what I can do for you!  Treasure your baby’s babyhood!

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