Tacoma Baby Photographer ~ Cheeks

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Tacoma Baby Photographer

When my last baby girl was a baby her big sister used to love her big cheeks.  Kate would call them bubble gum popping cheeks.  Though that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense it was a perfectly understandable way to describe perfectly round, undeniably scrumptious cheeks.  And Sara’s cheeks had nothing on Mimi’s!  Let me tell you, one of the very hardest things about being a Tacoma baby photographer is resisting kissing and snuggling babies.  Especially when they are this cute and sweet.  I just never know how parents will feel about me nuzzling their little one.  I have had to stop myself several times in the nick of time with a sweet baby inches away from my lips.  I can not wait until I am a Grandma and can have free reign on baby snuggles.  

I have been Mimi and her big sister Adeliade’s Tacoma baby photographer for the last few years now.  This session was extra from because Mimi’s Daddy was in charge.  Her mommy is going to be 100% surprised with all of these beautiful portraits.  I want so badly to be a fly on the wall when she sees the portraits of her baby girl for the first time.  My kids are taking bets about which picture will be her very favorite.

If you are looking for a Tacoma baby photographer I would love to hear from you.  Take a look at my portfolio and send me an inquiry through my contact form.  If you are here just to look and get happy with all these images of perfect babies, then welcome.  I hope I made your day just a little bit better;-)

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Lacey Baby Photographer ~ Archer

Lacey Baby photographer, baby portraits, newborn pictures, baby boy, military baby

Lacey Baby Photographer

When you hire a Lacey baby photographer you are making an investment in what lasts.  There are countless things that you can purchase when a new baby comes along.  Putting together a baby nursery that is an oasis in your home can seem like it costs a small fortune.  I wanted to buy every soft blanket I touched.  And forget about the list of things I wanted to purchase at Pottery Barn Kids and Land of Nod.  When you have a brand new baby every things call to you.  From gorgeous bed sets, perfect toys, boutique baby wash and the list goes on and on.  And let’s not even get started on clothing lines!  But none of those things will last.  You can’t keep all of you favorite baby outfits hanging up on the wall.  But baby portraits will last forever.  They are a true time capsule guaranteed to take you back every single time to those perfect moments of snuggling your brand new baby.

When you chose to hire a Lacey baby photographer you are going to have those perfect memory keepers.  You are investing in what lasts.  That portrait of Archer all snuggled up with his tiny little hands perfectly resting under his sleepy little head, that portrait will make you swoon.  The baby picture of your little guy hanging from the scale will make you remember just how tiny he was and how it felt to hold that tiny little person in your arms after 9 months of carrying him on the inside.  That perfect glimps at his little baby face will bring back all of the wonderful emotions of seeing him for the very first time.  Nothing can be more valuable than baby portraits.

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Kent Newborn Photographer ~ Nurture

I am just a lowly Kent newborn photographer.  But I’m about to get philosophical.  What makes a woman a woman?  The answer is her nature.  From the very beginning women are nurturers.  That does not mean that some are not.  And that some men are not.  It just means that as a whole, women have a market on the whole business of nurturing.  As a Kent newborn photographer I see proof time and time again with every sibling shot I do.  Brothers are curious, sisters are almost always little mothers.  Even at a tender age herself, Maisey’s big sister has already started mothering her baby sister.  This series of shots is one of my favorites EVER.  It is 100% natural.  I sat Maisey on the bed and put her big sister in her lap.  I asked her parents to let her be and do her thing.  Quietly I stepped back and brought the camera up to my face to record these tender moments between two sisters.  I about dies of cuteness overload when Ava started shushing Maisey when she started to fuss.   This is a woman (all be it she is tiny) doing her thing instinctively.  What makes a woman beautiful?  Love.  Love is what makes a woman radiate beauty.  And Ava is a beauty.  She loves her sister.  In those quiet moments as we watched her sitting there she stroked her baby sister’s toes, patted her head, smiled huge happy smiles and glowed with love.  This is what baby photography is all about.  It isn’t about dressing your baby up in a turtle outfit or as a character from a Disney movie.  It is about the bliss of newborn perfection.  Baby’s should be the stars of their own newborn portraits.  There could not be a more perfect newborn portrait in the world to this family (I hope) than these two sisters.  This is love.  This is nurture.  This is the beginnings of a very beautiful young woman.

Kent newborn photographer, Kent baby photographer, baby portraits, baby pictures, siblings

Kent Newborn Photographer

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Gig Harbor Baby Photographer ~ Little Sweet Thing

Well, I was going to try and write a clever little poem.  But apparently I have writers block, so I won’t try because I know I will butcher the attempt.  I am so happy that I got to be Lily’s Gig Harbor baby photographer.  Can’t quite believe that it has been six or so months since I took her newborn portraits, but you know how time flies.  I love little people.  It is such a pleasure that they let me into their lives for short little glimpses so that I can take their portraits.  I like to think that I am their friend for that short little hour that I get to see them.  Lily was such a joy that her happiness lit up the studio.  She was full of smiles and twinkly eyes.  Her mommy wanted to be sure that as her Gig Harbor baby photographer I captured her beautiful blue eyes and her toothy little grin.  Both of which are difficult to photograph at home because you need lots of light.  What do you think?  Did I come through for her?  I could have photographed this baby girl all day long.  Image like these melt my heart.  This is why 6 months, or when your baby is sitting it is the perfect time for portraits.

Gig Harbor Baby Photographer,  Gig Harbor baby pictures,  baby girl milestone portraits, baby pictures

Gig Harbor Baby Photographer

Would you like to see how much little Lily has changed?  She came in to see me for newborn portraits last year in the Fall.  We couldn’t resist taking advantage of her being a Fall baby, so we put her in a pumpkin.  I love doing this shot.  It always looks so pretty.  If you want to take a quick peek, here she is freshly born and looking perfectly sweet.

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Angela - June 3, 2015 - 7:41 pm

So cute! Great shots!

Melissa Berg - June 3, 2015 - 7:28 pm

SO soft and pretty!!! What an adorable baby!

jennifermauren - June 3, 2015 - 11:55 am

Oh those big beautiful eyes! What a beautiful baby!

Angela - June 2, 2015 - 8:05 pm

So adorable! Greasy shots!

Puyallup Baby Photography ~ Milestone Sessions

As a Puyallup baby photographer I take newborn portraits and pictures of Baby’s first year milestones.  I recommend that all of my clients come back to see me when their baby is sitting and at their birthday for portraits.  Newborn, sitting and birthday are the best milestones for baby photography.  With these three stages you get a a great look at your infant’s first year without breaking the bank by having to hire a Puyallup baby photographer every month, 2 months or 3 months.  These three stages will give you great variety in your portraits.  You are capturing the big changes, newborn, sitting and standing.  Instead of investing hundreds of dollars with a Puyallup baby photographer for several sessions and getting more of the same each time.

Birthday session are lots of fun.  I was so glad that Luke’s mom chose to make the drive up from her new home in Portland to come see me for Luke’s baby photography portraits.  It was so much fun to see him again.  I was super surprised at his head full of curly locks!  He was adorable.  And very active!  Definitely a very busy little boy!  His favorite set was the blocks.  Those were lots of fun to throw!  I could hardly get a picture taken before blocks were flying in my direction.  Luckily he isn’t an ace pitcher yet.   The fun was pumped up a notch when we brought out the cake.  Luke was all about the mess and not interested in the slightest in eating the delicious cake.  He demolished the whole cake down to crumbs without even putting one bite of cake in his mouth.  There was cake EVERYWHERE.  I have never seen such a mess.  He gets the award for being the best cake smasher at my studio yet.

I am super excited to share all of these images with his mom and dad!

Puyallup baby photographer, baby portraits, cake smash, baby milestone pictures

Puyallup Baby Photographer

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Melissa Berg - June 3, 2015 - 7:27 pm

Love those curls!! Gorgeous photos!

jennifermauren - June 3, 2015 - 12:00 pm

I adore this session! He is CRAZY adorable.

Angela - June 1, 2015 - 1:59 pm

Soooo cute!!! Love these!