Seattle Baby Photographer ~ Liz

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Seattle Baby Photographer

It has already been a year.  Can you believe how fast time flies.  It seems to me that little Liz was just in my studio for newborn portraits.  Here she is if you want to check her our as a tiny, brand new little princess.  She was beautiful then and even more beautiful now.  There are so many wonderful first to celebrate in a baby’s first year.  I hope when her parents look back at these pictures from her Seattle Baby photography session that they will remember the first time she looked at them and really saw them.  The first time she smiled at them and it was a real honest to goodness, genuine smile.  I hope they remember her baby giggle.  The chubby hand that used to old their finger as she learned to walk.  The feel of her head full of curls as she slept on their chest.  Those little tiny teeth that grew in to fill in her smile.  Her first word.  Her joy upon seeing them as they came home from being away.  Just so many joys!!!  All celebrate a life well lived and loved.  Happy birthday little Liz.

If you have a little one about to celebrate their first birthday be sure to schedule a portrait session today!  There is no better way to celebrate.

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Angela - March 17, 2016 - 11:14 am

So adorable! Great shots!

Puyallup Newborn Photographer ~ Eleanor

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Puyallup Newborn Photographer

This Puyallup newborn photographer brings you her first “Spring” baby.  I know it isn’t officially Spring yet.  But my yard says otherwise.  And how could I not take advantage of all of the beautiful Rhododendron blooms with this little lady.  He cheeks are so perfectly squishy.  Eleanor was so happy to be playing the role of super model during her Puyallup newborn photography session that she even let me capture a smile!  She sure does know how to make a baby photographer have a good day.  Eleanor is the third sweet baby girl that I have photographed for this wonderful family.  I feel badly that I didn’t have a chance to work with their son.  Hopefully he won’t mind.  I love that I have been able to make all three of these sweet sisters princesses for the day.


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Angela - March 16, 2016 - 6:36 pm

Gorgeous! Love that smile and the outside shot is too die for!!!

Easter Mini Session Fundraiser

Easter mini session
Here are the details!

Please read them so there won’t be any surprises as this is not your TYPICAL mini session provided by a photography studio.

My daughter Emily and her friend Rachel, need to earn money to get themselves down to Peru next summer where they want to serve a service mission to build a new school, practice their Spanish and spend a day sight seeing.  The amount of money they need to earn is a little overwhelming.  This idea was born while brainstorming how to help them make this happen themselves.  These girls are amazing with kids, and have a lot of photography experience.  Here is how it will work.

At 9:00pm Saturday, March 12th,  I will release the schedule for next Saturday’s Easter event.  There will be 36 10 minute time slots available to choose from.  Signing up is first come, first serve.

When you go to sign up for your slot you will be required to pay your $20 fee up front.  That way we won’t have any no shows and loose valuable spots to people that don’t come.  I will be using Paypal as the portal to collect the session fees.  You do not have to have an account.  You can use your credit card without having an account.

If you are lucky enough to secure yourself a time slot, all you have to do is select your little one’s outfit and wait until Saturday.

We will see you at the mini session event on Saturday.  Please have your child come in their outfit so that we don’t loose any of your valuable time.  You have 10 minutes.  If you are late then you will only have a few minutes. Our amazing backdrop is feature in our add.

Here is my studio address:  12426 136th Ave E Puyallup 98374  Please park on the street so that you don’t get blocked in.

Emily (my daughter) and Rachel (her BFF) will be working in the studio to capture that one perfect picture of your sweet heart.  I will have all the equipment set up for them.  Basically they will be working as a team to coax a bright smile out of your youngster and to push the shutter button on the camera.  I will be there the WHOLE time and overseeing ever session.  But I want the girls to do the work.  Remember this is a FUNDRAISER!  Imagine pictures with Santa in the mall, but having super fun girls, a professional who cares about your portraits and 100% of the proceeds going to an excellent cause!  You win because you get to come home with a super affordable valentine portrait and we win because your contribution helps these girls reach their goals.

There is only one child per portrait time slot.  If you want a sibling photo you must book an individual session for each child and an additional one for all of the kids together.  If you have three children, and you want pictures of them all you have to grab and pay for three time slots, and a fourth if you want a portrait of them all together.

Pictures will be edited over the weekend and delivered on Monday, March 21st via email.

Any questions?  Feel free to post them in the comments below!

We are excited to see you there!!!

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Seattle Newborn Photographer ~ Elliott

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Seattle newborn photographer

Big Brother

My little eyes
are watching
All you say and do
And when I grow up
big and tall
I want to be like you.

My little ears
are listening
To everything you say
I am learning how
to grow up
To be like you

So be careful how
you teach me
To be the person
that you are.
You’re a knight in
shining armor
You’re my brightest
shining star.

Just about three years ago this wonderful family hired me to be their Seattle newborn photographer to take beautiful portraits of their first baby boy.  Now that little boy is so grown up and ready to be the very best big brother.  I told his mommy that she had better be careful because she was raising the perfect man.  Women are going to lining up at the door as soon as Grayson becomes an eligible bachelor.  He cooks, cleans, is gentle and now he will learn how to be the very best caregiver.  He has a brother.  I can just imagine all the wonderful good times that are in store for this family.  Can’t you just picture train tracks running through the house?  How about lego cities covering the table?  Maybe a puppy covered in suds and boys covered in mud?  Little boys are so full of fun and wonder.  I am so glad that for this family they came in a string of twos.  Every boy needs a brother!


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Meghan Rickard - March 17, 2016 - 9:14 pm

What a sweet little squish! Beautiful newborn portraits!

Angela Chandler - March 10, 2016 - 1:42 pm

These are so beautiful! Great posing and lighting!

Brenda Muth - March 10, 2016 - 7:39 am

You’ve done it again!! Wish I could have been there this time. You are a fabulous photographer. Looks like Elliott is behaving better than Grayson did his first time around!

Puyallup Baby Photographer ~ Scarlett

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Puyallup Baby Photographer

When you are a Puyallup baby photographer you get to meet the cutest little people.  Scarlett is adorable.  She came to her photography session and her mommy unpacked the most adorable wardrobe you have ever seen for me to use for her session.  When I saw this perfect little white dress and the bunny ear headband I was over joyed.  With a baby photographer session just a few weeks before the Easter Holiday I knew I had to do something special.  And I wanted it to be a surprise.  It turned out that my idea was a little above my abilities and I needed some help from a wonderful friend and colleague Melissa Layton.  She was able to help get Mr. Bunny looking just right.  Where there was a little pile of fruit puffs there is now a furry friend.  I love the magic of photography!  I am excited to try to improve the skills necessary to add furry friends into session this month.  All of my milestone sessions this month will include a fun little Easter surprise like this one.  So if you are looking for a Puyallup baby photographer with a fun little Holiday magic up her sleeve look no further!

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Meghan Rickard - March 17, 2016 - 9:12 pm

Her little face is so precious! Beautiful portraits for her! I love the top left one especially.

Angela Chandler - March 10, 2016 - 1:40 pm

What a doll! I just love the way she’s looking at the bunny :)

Jennifer Snook - March 7, 2016 - 12:30 pm

What an adorable little girl!!! Priceless