Auburn Baby Photographer ~ All Grown Up

Auburn Baby Photographer  Jennifer Wilcox Photography Twins 31 1024x736 Auburn Baby Photographer ~ All Grown Up
Last year this post would have been titled Auburn newborn photographer.  Last year, this basket had two brand new babies in it.  Last year we were celebrating two brand new little lives.  This year I am now their baby photographer.  This year I barely fit two wiggly one year olds in my basket.  This year we are celebrating a first year mile stone.  Two sweet babies who have grown, learned and played together for a whole year to become who they are today.  I love being a newborn and baby photographer.  I love getting watch little people grow into happy, smiling toddlers!  Happy Birthday Zoe and Xavier!!!

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Gig Harbor Baby Photographer ~ Darling

Gig Harbor Baby Photographer Jennifer Wilcox Photography Eliana 1024x735 Gig Harbor Baby Photographer ~ Darling
There needs to be a Gig Harbor Baby contest.  I swear I have had some super cute babies come to see me for photography from the other side of the bridge this year.  Eliana was sweet and spunky to go along with her good looks.  I could have taken pictures of her in different sets all day.  I love it when babies warm up to me really quickly.  She was such a little squish.  I had a really hard time picking favorites from her session.  I can’t wait to share them all with her mom!

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Eden - April 17, 2014 - 12:16 pm

You rock this clean, natural style! Love!

Puyallup Baby Photographer ~ Family Traits

Puyallup Baby Photographer  Jennifer Wilcox Photography Koben 2 1024x735 Puyallup Baby Photographer ~ Family Traits
Koben came to me a year ago for newborn photography.  I can’t believe it has been a year already and he just came to see his favorite Puyallup Baby Photographer.  Time flies too fast.  It seems that the only thing that makes time go by quickly is being happy with a baby snuggled in your arms.  So many great milestones have been met with strength and determination in his family.  Koben’s mom amazes me.  Not long ago she passed out in a diabetic coma.  Today she runs.  She runs and runs and runs.  I haven’t ever met anyone that runs as much as she does.  She has stolen her life back with a fierceness that I LOVE.  I hope her kids will be inspired by her as much as I am.  I hope they meet the challenges they will face in their lives with as much determination.

Do you want to be inspired today?  Here is a little article just published about her…

10252049 10100853858273230 5101924711470065062 n Puyallup Baby Photographer ~ Family Traits

Click here

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Eden - April 17, 2014 - 12:15 pm


Seattle Baby Photographer ~ Playmates

Seattle Baby Photographer  Jennifer Wilcox Photography Twins 1024x735 Seattle Baby Photographer ~ Playmates

As a Seattle Baby Photographer I get to meet lots of pretty cool little babies.  But It wasn’t until this last month that I had an opportunity to photograph identical twins.  Meet Charlotte and Lauren.  I chose this image to share for their sneak peak because I feel like it represents the twin dynamic.  Two babies means a friend to explore new things with.  A sister to learn and grow with.  A playmate.  A partner.  And two very different personalities.  Just because you’re an identical twin doesn’t mean that you are exactly the same as your twin.  That was evident at their session.  If Lauren was OK with a set, Charlotte was not.  Charlotte liked cake, Lauren did not.  Almost every single one of their portraits ended up being a composite where I had to put two pictures together in order to get one with them both looking good in one.  I can only imagine the energy it takes to be parents of multiples.

On another note….Thank GOODNESS for fruit puffs!

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Tacoma Maternity Photographer ~ Exposed

Tacoma Maternity Photographer  Jennifer Wilcox Photography Joey 3 Tacoma Maternity Photographer ~ Exposed
Maternity and motherhood expose you.  That is the honest truth.  They strip you down to your raw self.  In that moment when you are bringing a baby into the world there is nothing except your natural animal instincts taking over.  Your body is in control.  Even if you had a list of how everything was supposed to be, it flew out the window with that first push.  You’re lucky if you even make it that far.  I remember going to the hospital thinking I was going to be able to be all modest, with a sheet over my lap and just the doctor and one nurse in the room with my husband and I.  The whole hospital staff could have been there for all I care and know.  In that moment I was overcome with womanhood and bringing a life into the world.  Mascara….forget about it.

It doesn’t stop there with the laboring raw, naked and instinctive.  Motherhood will continue to expose you.  You will find out what your really made of when you’re cleaning up smeared baby poop artistically applied to the wall you just painted.  You will find out just how strong you are when you realize that you haven’t had more than 3 hours of sleep straight in three months.  That first time you have to trust your mother instincts when the doctor says there is nothing wrong will expose the mama in you for sure.  Year by year the layers will be peeled back.  The real you, will be exposed.

Eventually what is left will be an amazing woman.  Strong, brave, confident, fiercely loyal, selfless, loving, tolerant, patient and a zillion other wonderful raw traits that you never knew where in you.  They weren’t, at least not like they are now.  Motherhood made you that way.

Like a block of stone carved by a master. Layer by layer is chiseled away.  Years of work.  Until all that is left is the most beautiful master piece you have ever seen.  A woman, a mother….

I love photographing maternity clients near nude.  With all of their curves exposed.  It is poetic and symbolic.  Raw beauty is the best kind.

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