Puyallup Newborn Photographer ~ Ryan

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Puyallup Newborn Photographer

I haven’t shared black and whites from a session in a long time.  As a Puyallup newborn photographer I offer color images and black and white conversions of those images to every client.  When it comes to sharing images from a newborn session I almost always choose to share color images from the session.  But with Ryan’s portrait session the black and white images were so moving they were my favorites.  So I put together a collage of my favorites.  Parents hire me to be their Puyallup newborn photographer because I offer class, timeless fine art images that capture the innocence of their new baby.  Another reason that Ryan’s portrait session stands out as extra special is that I had the opportunity to work with his older siblings.  Two beautiful, very cooperative big sisters.  I am really hoping that his mommy feels like I knocked it out of the park.  I am so in love with these images! I also tried a new pose.  It is a hanging pose done with baby lying on a bean bag and meant to mimic a hanging pose.  I think I will call it a floating pose.  In my opinion it turned out beautifully.  What do you think?

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Meghan Rickard - July 20, 2016 - 12:37 pm

I LOVE those simple photos! And B&W is my fave!!

Amber - July 12, 2016 - 10:38 am

These are gorgeous Jennifer! I love the moody black and whites <3

Danielle Hobbs - July 12, 2016 - 8:57 am

Beautiful work, Jennifer!! I love your black and whites.

Sammamish Baby Photographer ~ Peyton

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Sammamish Baby Photographer

I love cake smash sessions.  Peyton’s mom hired me to be her Sammamish baby photographer and capture her daughter’s one year milestone with a party in the studio.  Peyton was ravenous.  We could barely hold her off with yummy yogurt drops.  I just knew that once we put out the cake for her cake smash she would be all over it.  She LOVED the frosting.  Not so interested in throwing cake to all four corners of the studio (thank you Peyton), but all about sucking on fingers covered with sugary goo.  I love babies!  I love watching them discover things for the first time.  That is my favorite thing about being a Sammamish baby photographer.  Even though in this case, Peyton had already discovered the wonders of cake, she was so fun to watch.  Balloons were a close second to the cake.  I’m not sure what it was that she loved most about them.  I think it was the sound of hitting them.  She didn’t get to take her balloons home because they were so covered in frosting that they wouldn’t even float any more.  Peyton is adorable!  I am so glad I got to see her for a session and to capture her blossoming personality for her parents!  Happy birthday baby girl!

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Tacoma Newborn Photographer ~ Selah

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Tacoma Newborn Photographer

I have been this families Tacoma newborn photographer for several years now.  It is such a blessing that I have had all three of their perfect little newborns in my studio for newborn portraits!  First I got to meet Hosanna.  Hosanna was so alert and just chill.  She was such an easy going little peanut.  And then came Theo.  A great big butterball of perfection.  I loved taking his baby pictures.  My favorite from his session, with the little bear is still one of my all time favorites and is in a special folder that I keep of favorite images.  A few weeks ago I got to meet baby number number three!  Meet Selah!  I couldn’t resist posting Selah’s sneak peek as a composite of Fader baby perfection.  I love seeing her next to her Brother and Sister!  They have so much in common and will be so very different, as each of them develops their God given personalities.  All three siblings have big beautiful eyes and chubby cheeks perfect for kissing.  I love that as a Tacoma newborn photographer I can provide families with consistent, classic portraiture to celebrate the arrival of all of their children.

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Seattle Baby Photographer ~ Everett

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Seattle Newborn Photographer

Baby Everett is a lucky little man.  Lucky that he has an awesome Auntie who talked his mommy into having his newborn portraits taken.  Actually, I don’t know who will be happier he has beautiful newborn portraits in the long run, him, or his mom.  It will probably be his mom.  I think mom’s always appreciate treasures of their children’s childhood more than their children.  I say that as I think of all the hording I have done over the past 18 years because of my own four children.  So Aunt Tracie, here is to you for being super awesome!

Everett was a super stud model at his newborn session.  I have so many favorites that it was very difficult to choose which images to sneak peek!  Usually my favorites are always prop shots.  But Everett’s session is different.  I think his portraits with his mommy and daddy may be the winners.  I just love how much love they have in their faces.  They are definitely ready to be parents I think.  So much love in those pictures!  Everett is once again a very lucky little muffin.  His parents will have so much fun if they decide to use his portraits to put together a beautiful wall display of their favorites.  He will have the best looking nursery in town.  All because of his cute little face.  I hope his parents will also consider creating a keepsake album of his session images.  Because his images are just that perfect.  It is a good gig.  I love being a Seattle newborn photographer!

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Auburn Baby Photographer ~ Ruby

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Auburn Baby Photographer

Ruby’s mom hired me to capture her perfect little princess on her birthday!  It is always so surprising to see newborns that I have photographed back in the studio so soon!  Ruby has grown up to be a happy, totally adorable little girl.  She has done lots of growing since her newborn session which you can see here.  I still remember this cute little toddler at just a few days old had the most gorgeous eye lashes.  And now she has a great big toothy grin.  It is seriously the best!  Being an Auburn baby photographer, and having so many perfect little muffins in my studio every month reminds me of one of my very favorite things about being a mother to a toddler.  Holding chubby little hands.  I loved when my children started walking and wanted to constantly hold my hand.  I can still recall the feeling of a chubby hand in mine,  it is just the best.  Ruby will be walking very soon and I am so excited for her mommy to start experiencing that simple little joy.

If you are looking to hire an Auburn baby photographer, please check out my portfolio.  I do one year milestone sessions with or without a cake smash.  One year old’s are so much fun.  Make sure to capture this moment in your daughter’s toddlerhood by scheduling a session today.  You can reach me by clicking on the contact tab above!

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