Gig Harbor Baby Photographer ~ Savannah

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Gig Harbor Baby Photographer

Just two years ago Savannah’s mom hired me to be her Gig Harbor baby photographer to take pictures of her big sister Eliana.  I can’t believe that I am know posting a sneak peek for Elizana’s little sister.  Time flies when families are growing.  But those years that seem to go by so quickly are filled with so much happiness. For a sneak peek of big sister’s session click here.  The one thing that Savannah have in common that makes for a really beautiful baby portrait is absolutely, indisputably, stunning eyes.  They are so big and expressive.  I don’t know if these sweet sisters get their perfect little peepers from their mommy or their daddy.  What I do know is that they are lucky little geese.

Savannah’s mommy had a special request for her daughter’s portrait session.  She wanted to make sure that I got at least one really awesome portrait of her baby girl sucking her fingers.  Check!  One perfect finger sucking portrait delivered!  I love it when I am able to give mom’s exactly what they want at their sessions.  I had lots of opportunists and took a few pictures that I love.  Little Savannah was a good little girl and shared her pretty smile with us too.  So we got a great mix of images that really show off this little lady’s budding personality.  That is exactly what milestone sessions are all about!

If you are looking to hire a Gig Harbor baby photographer, please check out my portfolio to see what I can do for you!  Treasure your baby’s babyhood!

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Tacoma Newborn Photographer ~ Jonas

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Tacoma Newborn Photographer

What a pleasure it was to get to be the Tacoma newborn photographer for baby number two for the Duncan family.  I am so glad the Duncan’s trusted me to come back with their baby boy.  I love being a part of the celebration of the arrival of new babies.  We decided to use blue for Jonas’s session and I didn’t even realize that I used the exact same blue blanket that I used for his sister’s newborn session.  Here she is.

Newborn Photographer Tacoma _Harper (5)
Definitely siblings!  I even used the same little blue bucket at the request of Harper’s mommy.  I love that Duncan babies have such perfect chubby cheeks.  Jonas was pretty bright eyed and bushy tailed for his session.  I don’t always get newborn to pass out asleep during their newborn sessions, try as I may.  But he was so mellow that I was still able to pose him a bit even awake.  What a good little guy.  Harper wasn’t so sure yet how she felt about her new baby brother, or me, for that matter.  It took a little coaxing, and a treat from my pantry, but we made some magic happen.  My favorite thing about baby Jonas were his super cute little baby faces.

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Tacoma Baby Photographer ~ Peyton

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Tacoma Baby Photographer

Peyton is perfect.  I know her mommy knows so.  I know her grandparents know so.  And now I know.  She was an absolute professional for her Tacoma baby photography session.   Also as if she was born to be in front of a camera.  She ate up every minute.  Maybe she was so satisfied from her new found fame and skills at being glamorous in front of the camera that when it came to an appetite for cake, well….there just wasn’t one.  Little Peyton didn’t really want to have anything to do with cake.  Too messy.  But she even then, was gracious enough to play act at cake smashing long enough for me to steal a few quick pictures of her.  Just too much mess for this little diva.  She was much more interested at sitting and looking divinely pretty.  Her peaches and cream skin and shock of super blond locks, make for one very good looking toddler.  My favorite picture of baby Peyton is the one of her in the little romper with the pink and white bow.  Total cuteness overload right there.  That romper, along with several other fabulous pieces tat I have added to my studio wardrobe come from a great little shop called Darling Baby.  You can snag your own cute outfits here.  So many adorable things to choose from  I wish my kids were still little!

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Bothell Maternity Photographer ~ Ashley

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Bothell Maternity Photographer

Ashley hired me to be her Bothell maternity photographer and came to see me last week to have her portraits taken.  I love getting to meet mothers that are soon to hold their first baby in the arms.  There is no better way to celebrate your pregnancy than with a maternity photography session.  It is the perfect time to do something special to remind you just how glamorous you are with that perfect little baby bump!  Ashley’s maternity session was on a beautiful warm April afternoon, so I was able to shoot outside with her a bit.  It isn’t every photographer who can boast a fabulous park like yard to shoot in.  I love when the weather is warm and I have that extra versatility to shoot indoors and outdoors.  I can’t wait until I get to see this wonderful little family once baby arrives!

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[…] so very exciting.  Ever sine Ashley came to the studio for maternity portraits which you can see here, I have been looking forward to doing her newborn session.  Such an great little family.  Gemma […]

Ashley - April 25, 2016 - 5:59 pm

These turned out so amazing Jennifer – thank you, thank you so much for making me feel beautiful. It was such a special treat to have this session done. We can’t wait to come back with baby girl for her session! You are a true artist!

Danielle Hobbs - April 25, 2016 - 4:31 pm

So beautiful!! What a gorgeous mom-to-be!

Puyallup Newborn Photographer ~ Mila

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Puyallup Newborn Photographer

I was so excited when the Spencer family asked me to be their Puyallup newborn photographer.  It was a real honor to be a part of their celebration bringing their first child into the world.  The world is such a small place and I just love the ways it works.  Years ago when I was just starting out as a newborn photographer I reached out to the top midwives in my community.  On the top of that list was this little ladies Grandma.  I remember coming home from my interview with her and thinking that I had just met a really top notch professional.  And just last week I got to serve this family with my own professional talents.

Mila was born on April 1st.  What an awesome birthday.  Her mommy worries that it is a foreshadowing of having a little prankster in the house.  I think it will be such a fun birthday!  And April babies are the very best.  At her newborn portrait session I got to hold and cuddle this sweet little thing!  Her mommy had some special requests.  And I hope that I met and went above and beyond her expectations!  I was so happy with the maternity portraits that I took for this lovely mommy, which you can revisit here.  I am aiming for even more happiness when Mila’s family gets to see all of her newborn session images!

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