Seattle Newborn Photographer ~ Aleyna

Christmas baby picture

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Seattle Newborn Photographer

If you are looking for a Seattle newborn photographer, I hope your search stops here.  May these beautiful images of perfectly sweet Aleyna convince you that hiring a professional baby photographer to capture the perfection and innocence of your new baby is the best gift you can give yourself.  I love it when mom’s make that choice.  Portraits with the right photographer is something you will never regret.  Aleyna’s mom showed me the picture that they had taken in the hospital by the photographer that came to their room and spent a minute or two with their brand new daughter.  It looked like a mug shot.  Her mom looked up from her phone at me and said, she is such a beautiful baby, why would they give me a picture of her making a grumpy face.  Fortunately she already had a session with me scheduled.  I hope it brought her peace of mind to know that soon she would have the images that she wanted.  Baby’s just need time and tender loving care and they will reward you with stunning newborn portraits to remember them by forever.  I am so excited to be finishing up Aleyna’s newborn session.  Her parents will get her images right in time for some last minute gift giving.  Merry Christmas.

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Puyallup Baby Photographer ~ Jayden

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Puyallup Baby Photographer

I have photographed two perfect baby boys all the way through their first year for this wonderful family.  Jayden is the baby of the family and has the sweetest tender demeanor.  I love that he is a Holiday baby because I got to add a little Christmas magic into his newborn and one year portraits.  This image of him in his Santa hat is one of my favorites ever.  Especially since putting that hat on him was a magical spark that helped this timid little guy relax enough to smile.  That smile just lights up his whole face.  Getting that shot was HARD.  As a brand new walker, Jayden is still looking down to watch his feet as he walks.  And no amount of monkey business on my part or his parents could get him to look up.  And then there was this shot and it was perfect and worth the effort.  I often have tender babies that suffer a bit from separation anxiety when they come to the studio.  I told Jayden’s mom that time was all he needed.  One of the reasons families choose to hire custom portrait photographers instead of big box production companies like picture people is so that you have that time at your disposal.  A custom portrait photographer can evaluate the needs of each child client and judge their comfort levels in order to have a better chance for success.  I am so glad that at Jayden’s last session with me I was able to get excellent images of him to share with his parents.  And they will make excellent Christmas gifts!

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Seattle Newborn Photographer ~ Charlotte

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Seattle newborn photographer

A little bit of heaven 
Drifted down from above – 
A handful of happiness, 
A heartful of love. 
The mystery of life,
So sacred and sweet 
The giver of joy 
So deep and complete. 
Precious and priceless, 
So lovable, too 
The world’s sweetest miracle,
Baby girl, is you.

Charlotte was exactly what I needed.  It had been a week of dreary weather and I had started feeling as grey as the clouds.  I rolled out of bed the morning of Charlotte’s newborn session and thought about how much I would rather just stay warm in bed.  Her parents were driving down from the Seattle area and as I sat by the window waiting for them to arrive for their baby photography session I was feeling very distracted.  It had been a week or two since I had photographed a newborn and I still to this days, after six of being a Seattle newborn photographer, get a little nervous.  And then I met a beautiful baby girl.  The minute I started carrying her to the studio my mood changed.  Baby’s are a light that can pierce through even the most bah humbug attitude.  She was perfection.  Such a peaceful, content and perfectly plump little angel of perfection.  I am so excited to share these beautiful images with her parents so that they can create birth announcement / holiday cards.   Don’t forget, beautiful photo products like canvases and albums make a wonderful Christmas gift!  Especially for the Grandma’s in your baby’s life!

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Lacey Baby Photographer ~ Jackson

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Lacey Baby Photographer

Jackson is a third generation plane enthusiast.  His Grandpa, Uncle and Daddy are all pilots.  I think that is a pretty cool family tradition.  All though right now Jackson’s favorite thing to do with planes is to put them in his mouth, not fly them.  Lol, oh babies.  Everything goes in the mouth.  Jackson is a year old!  We had fun dressing up this handsome muffin and taking some great picture of him.  I am so excited to share them so that his Daddy, who is away for training, will get to see them.  Funny enough Jackson was not a fan of cake.  Isn’t that so ironic.  Everything went in the mouth except the food.  He was a little bit interested in the sprinkles, but the candle was in his mouth more than his cake.  I just think that is so funny.  Here he had homemade, yummy cupcakes and he would rather chomp on a wax candle.  I love that I got to see Jackson again for a cake smash photo shoot.  He was such a super cute newborn for his newborn portraits.  Now all I need to do is talk his mommy into a baby sister or brother for this little guy next year;-)

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