Tacoma Newborn Photographer ~ Angel

Tacoma Newborn Photographer Jennifer Wilcox Photography Baby A2 Tacoma Newborn Photographer ~ Angel

Angel Baby dear,
fresh from Heaven you are here.
You make life so sweet.

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Jessica - January 24, 2014 - 7:21 am

Love the simplicity of this! So beautiful.

Jennifer Snook - January 24, 2014 - 6:25 am

Simply gorgeous. I love that the baby is so relaxed!!!

Claudia Aguilar - January 24, 2014 - 6:22 am

LOVE this so much :)

Melissa Berg - January 23, 2014 - 9:17 pm

Beautiful baby!! Lovely as always!

Angela - January 23, 2014 - 9:17 pm

The simplicity of this is so pretty! Love!

Tacoma Newborn Photographer ~ Siblings

Newborn Photographer Jennifer Wilcox Photography J1 1024x736 Tacoma Newborn Photographer ~ Siblings


Sibling Facts

1. Children spend more time with their sibling than with their parents, friends, teachers or even alone.

2. Siblings fight.  A lot.  Sometimes with a conflict every 10 minutes.

3. 65% of mothers and 70% of fathers exhibit a preference for for one sibling over another.

4. Having a sibling of the opposite sex makes boys and girls more likely to adhere to gender norms.

5. Having a sibling of the opposite sex may help you pick up dates more easily.

6. Firstborns are generally smarter than their younger siblings, having on average a 3 point IQ advantage over the second sibling.

7. Younger siblings tend to be more extroverted than older siblings in larger families.

8. In general, siblings tend to interact significantly less with each other if they are not fully related.

9. Your siblings bad habits may rub off on you.

10. A big part of individual personality develops in relation to interacting with siblings.

11. Siblings can make you shorter.

12. The number of siblings you have and your birth order can influence your health.

13. Birth order does not affect personality.

14. Siblings tend to resemble each other in looks and intelligence but are quite different in personality.

Facts obtained from www.nursingschools.com

One of the biggest joys I have ever had as a newborn photographer was being able to get on a plane last minute to fly to Arizona to photograph my newest nephew with his adoring siblings.  This image just makes me smile!

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Tacoma Maternity Photographer ~ Countdown

Tacoma Maternity Photographer Jennifer Wilcox Photography K 2 Tacoma Maternity Photographer ~ Countdown

For all the best things in life, the ones we can’t wait to happen, we “countdown”.  Sometimes we cross out days on a calender, sometimes we tear off a link from a paper chain, we watch the tiny adjustments of a digital clicker.  There are so many ways to celebrate the passing days before a happy event.  Women, as the reigning queens of multi-tasking, have it down to a science.  We do it all.  We have the digital clicker on our blogs, the calenders are full of circled mile stone days and crossed out days that have come and gone.  We track every type of progress, our weight, inches, gestational age, heart beat, blood sugar etc…  There is even an app for that.  We buy books that tell us day by day what is happening inside our wombs as the days go by.  We journal the changes.  We take pictures.  The list goes on and on and we do it all.

The one thing that some of us forget to do, is to slow down and enjoy each moment.  We are always so quick to look forward to the next milestone.  Doing maternity portraits is a way to slow down and live in the moment.  Kim and I had so much fun taking beautiful portraits of her pregnant figure.  She is a goddess.  A pregnant body is a work of art.  A miracle.  Every curve is met and balanced with another curve.  Inside her beautiful body she has grown and sheltered another perfect little body.  Every time I slow down and think about the miracle of conception and pregnancy my mind is blown.

There are no such things as time machines.  We only get to enjoy the moment for a moment.  As I write this I wish that I could rest my hand on my tummy and feel the fluttering kicks of a new life within.  Celebrate your pregnancy.  Don’t let a “countdown” steal away your precious moments.

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Jennifer Snook - January 24, 2014 - 6:26 am

Stunning and perfect!!!

Seattle Newborn Photography ~ Yawn

Seattle Newborn Photographer Jennifer Wilcox Photography S Seattle Newborn Photography ~ Yawn
I’ve been working on Sawyer’s portraits from his newborn photograph session.  He is so adorable.  Someone needs to drop a baby boy off on my door step.

I love capturing baby yawns.  But I can never help but wonder why they are so sleepy.  All they do is eat and sleep, lol!  I think the person that really deserves the big yawn is the mother of a newborn.  I just can’t even image how I made it through those sleepless years of child bearing.  I can’t even function now with the crazy amounts of sleep I get.  I think mothers of newborns are the toughest people in the world.  They work SO hard.  And get so little credit!  Behind every sweet newborn mom is a totally exhausted mom!

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Puyallup Baby Photographer ~ Bring It On

Puyallup Baby Photographer Jennifer Wilcox Photography N 3 1024x735 Puyallup Baby Photographer ~ Bring It On

I love the “spirit” of babyhood.  I love that toddlers are always ready to go, to explore, to discover, to try new things and to meet and overcome obstacles.  If only we could all have the same outlook on life as a toddler.  They have an indomitable spirit.  Nothing is impossible.  If you have ever watched a baby fight and struggle to learn how to make their hands do what their brain is telling those hands to do, you know what I mean.  You can just tell from this portrait of Noel that she is strong, she is a fighter, she is persistent, she is an unstoppable force.

I hope that all of us can rekindle that “baby spirit” within us this year.  Let us all be learners.  When an obstacle presents itself I hope that this year we will find away to overcome.  Be strong.  And on top of all that be full of 100% unconditional love.

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