Christmas Baby

Newborn photographer Seattle Tacoma Gig Harbor Levi 7 682x1024 Christmas Baby
When Levi came to the studio for his newborn photography session I talked his parents into having a little holiday fun so they could have some great portraits to share with family and friends.  I know it is a little late to be sharing Christmas images but I promised my clients this year to keep their special holiday images secret to allow them to be the first to share.  So better late than never, here is Levi;-)  I know that most parents are a little nervous about having a “Holiday” baby.  But having had one myself I think it is a special gift.  During the Christmas season we think of another baby born long ago.  With a focus on the “Christmas Spirit” and good will toward all men there is no better season to bring a child into the world.  Holding a baby in your arms when as large parts of the world take a break from the daily grind to try and focus on peace and love is extra special.  A new baby will reinvent your world for you.

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Visions Of Sugar Plums

Baby Photographer Seattle Tacoma Puyallup Benjamin 4 1024x682 Visions Of Sugar Plums
Benjamin came to see me this week and we had lots of fun.  I have to say I am pretty impressed that his parents brought great things to the session for me to use.  One of the props they brought from home was this darling teddy from their days working at Disney Land (yeah they are pretty cool).  Another thing Dad brought from home was a “Night Before Christmas” book.  Unfortunately the book was a little big and the cover glared badly with the flash so we went to plan “B” and used these little board books.  I am so in love with this portrait.  Benjamin is the very first baby to get all comfy, cozy on my newest prop!  I LOVE this bed!  This little fellow was so happy to sit and look at books.  He kept cracking me up because he would intermittently keep looking over at the teddy bear.  His little face seemed to express, “oh, you’re still here.”  I have a passion for Children’s literature so this portrait of Benjamin might just be one of my all time favorites!

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Innocence Is Beauty

Newborn Photographer Seattle Tacoma Puyallup E 682x1024 Innocence Is Beauty
As a newborn photographer I try really hard to stick to a pure and innocent style.  You bring me your brand new babies and trust me to capture them as they are tiny, fresh, perfect.  The last thing I would want to do EVER would be to destroy all of that by cluttering your baby’s portrait with tons of stuff.  When it comes down to it there isn’t anything that can add to the perfection of a brand new baby.  Images like this are always my favorite.  There is very little posing here.  I let Emily curl up her little hands and hold them tightly to her face.  All I had to do was make sure her feet were in the right place to keep her modest.  The wrap is not just an “accessorie”, it has a job.  It keeps her tight and cozy and that comforts her.  She is the star of the show, just as she should be.  Her sweet innocence is all that there is to behold.  Honestly I could look at this portrait ALL DAY LONG.  I love her little chin, her sweetly rounded cheek, the way she has her fist snuggled in tight to her face, her tiny perfect toes, creamy complexion and full, round little tummy.  At that moment in time she was the most perfect thing in the whole world, and now her parents can always remember.

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First Comes Marriage…{Baby Photographer Seattle Tacoma Puyallup}

Baby photographer Seattle Tacoma Puyallup Gig Harbor Z 1 682x1024 First Comes Marriage...{Baby Photographer Seattle Tacoma Puyallup}

Zaley is growing up too fast!  It has been my privilege and great pleasure to be her baby photographer.  I have watched her grow from her first few days as a newborn.  I’ve watched her personality blossom and her smiles grow bigger and bigger.  She has been the lovely subject of my lens a few times and I wonder if she knows me.  Does she recognize me when she comes?  I wonder how long a little one’s memory lasts at this point in their development.  Something I do know is that I know her, and I know her mother and I love them.  My pictures will hopefully make a lasting impression for these lovely ladies.  But they have for sure made an impression on me.  I have learned about strength, charity, watch care, sweetness and friendship from Zaley’s mother.  I love these images the most from Zaley’s recent session.  They will always remind me of mother and daughter.  Zaley is sitting on her mother’s wedding dress here.  And I love how is makes Afsi part of this portrait!  I can’t wait to share more from her session so stay tuned;-)  

Baby photographer Seattle Tacoma Puyallup Gig Harbor Z 2 1024x682 First Comes Marriage...{Baby Photographer Seattle Tacoma Puyallup}

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Afsi - December 7, 2012 - 8:14 pm

I think she knows you. I also think she knows Sara. I can tell because I see her reaction when we go familiar places like music and swim class. It’s insane how much more they “get” than we think they get at this age. You have documented my daughters first year of fast changes and firsts in an unforgettable and beautiful way!!! <3

Too Fast {Baby Photography Seattle Tacoma Dupont}

Baby Photographer Seattle Tacoma Dupont W 1024x682 Too Fast {Baby Photography Seattle Tacoma Dupont}
They grow up too fast, our precious babies.  Little Will came to see me for some portraits of his cute little baby self.  It hasn’t been that long since his newborn photography session has it?  Seven months isn’t long enough to have changed so much!  I am sure his mommy feels the same.  And yet in the blink of an eye baby’s grow.  They stop needing us so much.  They start leaving blueberry hand prints on your walls.  They turn into teenagers over night and are invincibly ready to take the whole world on.  Treasure EVERY moment!  Treasure EVERY phase.  Treasure EVERY single day!

newborn photography seattle tacoma puyallup Will 1024x682 Too Fast {Baby Photography Seattle Tacoma Dupont}

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Afsi - December 3, 2012 - 9:59 pm

Way way way tooooo fast! What tiny treasures!!!