Seattle Newborn Photography ~ Yawn

I’ve been working on Sawyer’s portraits from his newborn photograph session.  He is so adorable.  Someone needs to drop a baby boy off on my door step.

I love capturing baby yawns.  But I can never help but wonder why they are so sleepy.  All they do is eat and sleep, lol!  I think the person that really deserves the big yawn is the mother of a newborn.  I just can’t even image how I made it through those sleepless years of child bearing.  I can’t even function now with the crazy amounts of sleep I get.  I think mothers of newborns are the toughest people in the world.  They work SO hard.  And get so little credit!  Behind every sweet newborn mom is a totally exhausted mom!

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Puyallup Baby Photographer ~ Bring It On

I love the “spirit” of babyhood.  I love that toddlers are always ready to go, to explore, to discover, to try new things and to meet and overcome obstacles.  If only we could all have the same outlook on life as a toddler.  They have an indomitable spirit.  Nothing is impossible.  If you have ever watched a baby fight and struggle to learn how to make their hands do what their brain is telling those hands to do, you know what I mean.  You can just tell from this portrait of Noel that she is strong, she is a fighter, she is persistent, she is an unstoppable force.

I hope that all of us can rekindle that “baby spirit” within us this year.  Let us all be learners.  When an obstacle presents itself I hope that this year we will find away to overcome.  Be strong.  And on top of all that be full of 100% unconditional love.

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Puyallup Newborn Photographer ~ Picture Perfect

I was so excited to see baby Konnor come to my Puyallup newborn studio.  I was his brother’s photographer and really was looking forward to seeing this wonderful family again.  I swear his Mommy and Daddy make the very cutest baby boys!  They were both perfectly plump with gorgeous skin, full kissable lips and those picture perfect chubby cheeks.

As I have been listening to all of the awesome Holiday music on the radio I have thought to myself that one type of song is missing.  Someone out there needs to write a sweet Christmas lullaby.  A song that captures the serene perfection of holding a newborn in your arms during Christmas.  It is special.  I can’t say why, and unless you have been there, it is probably something that can not be understood.

I know little Konnor has had a rough first few weeks.  And when babies have it rough their parents have it doubly so.  So as I wait to have Konnor come back to the studio to finish out his session gallery, I thought that his Mom might just need to see that we did capture so picture perfect moments already!  We just need a few more.  Merry Christmas to a wonderful family:-)

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