Issaquah Newborn Photographer ~ Baby Josephine

When you are hired to be an Issaquah newborn photographer and your client’s baby is due around the Christmas holiday you are giddy with the excitement of styling that session.  That was me a few weeks ago.  With the holidays and Winter season upon us I had been stock piling some beautiful new props and headbands just waiting for the perfect little infants to come to my Puyallup studio for portraits.  I am so thankful that I was invited to be Josephine’s newborn photographer.  She was my only little girl to photograph the entire month.  So I got to pull out all the stops for her photography session.  It wasn’t just all the fun new accessories and ideas swirling around in my head that helped to create beautiful pictures, Josephine has the most patient and cooperative big brother ever.  The sibling shots that I was able to get with baby girl and her brother are amazing.  I am not sneak peeking those because I want to be sure Mommy and Daddy are the first to see them.   It was such a pleasure to be this wonderful family’s Issaquah newborn photographer.  I love to be a part of the arrival of a new baby.  Just wish I could be a fly on the wall when Josephine’s Mom get’s her session package this weekend!

Baby girl from Issaquah comes to Jennifer Wilcox

Issaquah Newborn Photographer

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Jennifer Wilcox Photography is located in Puyallup, Washington.  Jennifer is Puyallup’s premier newborn photographer.  As a professional photographer, Jennifer captures maternity, newborn and baby, portraits for families in the Seattle, Tacoma and Puyallup metro areas.

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Bremerton Newborn Photographer ~ Alexandra

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Bremerton Newborn Photographer

Just what is it about a brand new baby that makes holding them such a joy?  As a Bremerton newborn photographer I get to hold a lot of babies.  Little Alexandra was in the studio a little over a week ago.  She was so perfect.  I could have help her forever.  Alexandra’s mom brought a bottle, so I was even able to feed her.  I often stand in wonder about the whole almost sacred magic that comes while holding a baby.  There velvet skin and newborn smell are like a drug for me.  No matter what is going on in my life, holding a baby makes me able to put everything into perspective and dial life down to the things that matter most.  When you hold a newborn you are reminded that life is the greatest miracle and the thing we most take for granted.  I love that as a Bremerton newborn photographer I get to capture brand new lives and create stunning portraits that their families will treasure for generations.  I can’t hold my little infant clients forever, but I can create a gateway to memory that allows me and their loved ones to remember the joy, peace and happiness that they bring to the world.


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Puyallup Newborn Photographer ~ Amelia

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Puyallup Newborn Photographer

I just loved meeting this family.  Two big brothers and now a brand new little sister to round out this happy family.  Working with siblings can be a major challenge at times.  There are many photographers who discourage sibling portraits by charging extra for them.  But I know that what moms really want most is a good picture off all of their beautiful children.  I am in the business of giving moms what they want most.  A happy mom is a happy client and all of my clients deserve to leave their sessions happy!  Working with Amelia’s brothers was such a pleasure.  I think I even impressed her oldest brother enough to have a little mister crushing on me a bit.  Beautiful portraits of this perfect baby girl just weren’t enough.  I had to make sure during her session that I was able to create a beautiful image of her with her brothers.  Sometimes when older sibling are a little squirmy it is easier to create a composite portrait where two or more images are used to create one.  It is a whole lot easy to photography brothers when they aren’t actually anywhere near the baby.  Safety first!  I love that having professional tools at my disposal allow me to create that classic image I know moms are looking for!  Like this one!


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Veronica George - December 6, 2016 - 4:06 pm

Thank you so much for these gorgeous portraits! Thank you for working so well with my boys also, they definitely are busy! 🙂
You’re the best & I’m so glad I got you as my newborn photographer.

Gig Harbor Newborn Photographer ~ Aubrey

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Gig Harbor Newborn Photographer

I am always so happy for families who are adding a baby girl to their family.  Having three daughters myself I know what a wonderful blessing they are.  This wonderful family hired me a few years ago to be their son’s Gig Harbor newborn photographer.  What a wonderful surprise it was to hear from them earlier in the year to hear they were expecting again and this time awaiting a little princess.  Daughters are the hope of a future best friend.  I have seen myself making a change as the years go by and my girls get older.  I used to need a night out with girl friends in order to fill my tank and refresh and renew myself.  Now those times more often than not have been replaced with hanging out with my girls.  We enjoy good movies and good food.  We shop at the same favorite stores.  My love of musicals and ballets is enthusiastically shared by three eager girlfriends.  While I still crave a night out on the town with my adult girlfriends I see a future where my girls meet that need more and more.  I look forward stories about their first kiss, their first love, and their adventures at college.  I can’t wait to watch them become mothers.  Having a daughter is like adding a little bit of magic into life.  All the singing, dancing around the house and endless hours of playing make believe.  It just makes me so happy for this wonderful family thinking of all the magic that is in store for them.  Little girls truly do put the color into your world.  They say that angels are disguised as daughters.  It is so so very true!

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Juanita - December 6, 2016 - 1:40 pm

What beautiful sentiments. I never knew the feeling of having a daughter until Nov 12 came around. She has truly added that bit of magic to my life. Theses pictures are GORGEOUS!! You do the best work!! Love ya!

Seattle Newborn Photographer ~ Amelie

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Seattle Newborn Photographer

Babies are such a blessing!  They are a fresh start.  The promise that our world can and will be a better place.  They are the hope of happiness, friendship and love.  When I meet a family that has hired me to be their  Seattle newborn photographer I am lucky enough to know I am privilege to be a part of documenting my future.  As I held this perfect angel I knew I was holding in my hands the hope for a bright future, the dream of peace and the promise of happiness.  When you cradle a baby you know that the world will go on.  My job as a memory keeper is to help parents bottle up all of those wonderful feelings and to preserve them in a photograph.  What you are feeling now are the happiest of times.  There isn’t anything better.  The arrival of a happy, healthy baby is the very best gift that nature offers to us.  When you hire a Seattle newborn photographer all of that happiness is your forever.  Just a glimpse at a perfect portrait of your days old baby will bring you right back to that happy place each and every time.  I create time machines.


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