Seattle Newborn Photographer ~ Milo

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Seattle Newborn Photographer

Nine months preparing to fall in love for a lifetime…

It’s so true.  If you were to make a hierarchy of animals it is what puts humans at the top.  Or ability to connect, to care, to foster relationships, to love, to care, and to give is what makes us the rulers over the Earth.  A woman’s nature is divine.  We don’t just spend 9 months growing a little human just to feed it for a few years, teach it the ropes and then abandon it to the forces of nature.  Our babies are our babies for life.  Even when they head out into the world on their own they are still ours.  The desire to stay a part of their lives, to stay connected to stay involved is overwhelming.  Today Milo’s mom physically holds him close but she will figuratively hold him close for the rest of his and her life.  Unconditional love at it’s truest and rawest form is found in the ties of motherhood.  It is the most beautiful thing.  Just as much a miracle as this little bundle of joy.

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Gig Harbor Newborn Photographer ~ Owen

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Gig Harbor Newborn Photographer

In His Father’s Hands

Safety and security were first felt as he held you,

in his strong hands you are his world

he listens as you sweetly coo.

Holding tight, your tender fingers held him close, tightly curled.

He holds you closely tight to him,

As trials come and winds unfurl.

He’ll be your coach, and as you run your race he’ll help your win.

He’ll be there cheering on his son,

Especially if your light seems dim.

Of all his charges big and small, you are the greatest one.

His son, his boy, his pride and joy

even so small, his heart you’ve won.

-Jennifer Wilcox

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Federal Way Baby Photographer ~ Kayden

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Federal Way Baby Photographer

I think 100 days celebrations are a beautiful tradition.  I wonder why more cultures haven’t embraced something like them.  Maybe they have and I just don’t know.  It is a celebration of getting through the rough patches of infancy.  Hopefully no more sleepless night, baby is a champion eater, everyone is out of the woods with medical concerns that might have plagued mother and baby after birth.  Everything that comes from this point on can be conquered by the family together.  The hard thing about 100 days is that it is a very difficult age to be photographing a baby, lol.  At this point they can’t do much more than they could as a newborn and they sleep less and bend less than a newborn.  So they are pretty much like a big sack of potatoes when it comes to posing.  Fortunately they make up for all of that with the beginning blossoms of personality.  They can make eye contact and they have started to grin.

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Redmond Newborn Photographer ~ Alessia

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Redmond Newborn Photographer

When you hire a professional Redmond newborn photographer you are making sure that no matter what happens at your baby’s session.  Ideally at a newborn session baby will be fast asleep.  This makes it possible to pose her easily and quickly from one pose to another.  But not every little newborn is the same.  And certainly not all are sleepy little bundles.  It is quite often that I have a very alert and attentive baby in the studio.  Hiring a professional means that you are guaranteed beautiful portraits.  You don’t want a novice who has to brainstorm what to do next.  And you certainly want a professional photographer when portraits with siblings are on the line.  In six years of shooting families at newborn sessions it has only happen once that I couldn’t deliver stunning fine art portraits of baby with her siblings to parents.  It all comes down to training, patience and experience.  Alessia’s session turned out beautifully.  I even caught some sleepy images in their, though she only closed her little peepers for moments at a time.  It has been a wonderful privilege to work with this family from mom’s maternity session which you can see here to baby’s newborn session.  I hope to see this little firecracker back when she is sitting all on her own for a milestone session.  Those sitting sessions are my favorites!

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Back To School Mini Sessions!

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Here are the details!

Please read them so there won’t be any surprises as this is not your TYPICAL mini session provided by a photography studio.

My daughter Emily and her friend Rachel, need to earn money to get themselves down to Peru next summer where they want to serve a service mission to build a new school, practice their Spanish and spend a day sight seeing.  The amount of money they need to earn is a little overwhelming.  This idea was born while brainstorming how to help them make this happen themselves.  These girls are amazing with kids, and have a lot of photography experience.  Here is how it will work.

There will be several 10 minute time slots available to choose from.  Signing up is first come, first serve.

Click HERE is the schedule!

When you go to sign up for your slot you will be required to pay your $20 fee up front.  That way we won’t have any no shows and loose valuable spots to people that don’t come.  I will be using Paypal as the portal to collect the session fees.  You do not have to have an account.  You can use your credit card without having an account.

If you are lucky enough to secure yourself a time slot, all you have to do is select your little one’s outfit and wait until Saturday.  Another way to make your kid’s back to school portrait extra special is to bring some of their favorite books.  That way the picture is personalized just for them.

We will see you at the mini session event on Saturday.  Please have your child come in their outfit so that we don’t loose any of your valuable time.  You have 10 minutes.  If you are late then you will only have a few minutes.

Here is my studio address:  12426 136th Ave E Puyallup 98374  Please park on the street so that you don’t get blocked in.

Emily (my daughter) and Rachel (her BFF) will be working in the studio to capture that one perfect picture of your sweet heart.  I will have all the equipment set up for them.  Basically they will be working as a team to coax a bright smile out of your youngster and to push the shutter button on the camera.  I will be there the WHOLE time and overseeing ever session.  But I want the girls to do the work.  Remember this is a FUNDRAISER!  Imagine pictures with Santa in the mall, but having super fun girls, a professional who cares about your portraits and 100% of the proceeds going to an excellent cause!  You win because you get to come home with a super affordable and excellent quality back to school portrait, and we win because your contribution helps these girls reach their goals.

There is only one child per portrait time slot.  NO SIBLING PHOTOS!  If you have three children, and you want pictures of them all you have to grab and pay for three time slots.  Babies MUST be sitting on their own if you are bringing them for a portrait.

Pictures will be edited over the weekend and delivered on Monday, September 26th via email.

Any questions?  Feel free to post them in the comments below!

We are excited to see you there!!!

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