Auburn Newborn Photographer ~ Brotherhood

This is my favorite portrait from baby Cameron’s newborn photography session.  Emily and Robert came to see me from Auburn to celebrate their newest arrival.  Having them there with me in the studio reminded me so much of just a few years ago when I got to photograph their first son, Nolan.  Being an Aubrun newborn photograph is a blessing because I get to meet the greatest little families.  Cameron was a little angel for his session.  His mom and I had discussed previously an idea for a perfect sibling shot.  Putting Cameron in the wagon prop and having Nolan stand near by worked perfectly.  Nolan was a little squirmy and there is no way we would have gotten a great sibling shot other wise.  The reason I love this sibling shot so much is it is all about boys.  Having Nolan bare foot and in jeans with no shirt is quintessential boyhood.  And looking out for his little brother is so sweet.  I think all boys need a brother.  Girls can make a sister out of a best friend.  But Brothers required that family bond.  I look forward to seeing them grow up together and become best buddies!  Brotherhood is awesome.

Newborn Photography Auburn newborn photographer Cameron 1024x736 Auburn Newborn Photographer ~ Brotherhood

I am always thankful to be a part of celebrating the arrival of a newborn.  Being a part of these most special family moments is an honor.  Thank you Emily and Robert for choosing me to be your photographer. If you are looking for a Seattle or Tacoma area photographer check me out. If you are planning to book a session please check out my portfolio and be sure to prebook. It always makes me sad to turn families away because I don’t have any availability. You can contact me by using the contact form at the top of this page.

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Lake Tapps Maternity Photographer ~ Connection

Lake Tapps Maternity Photographer   Jennifer Wilcox Photography Lake Tapps Maternity Photographer ~ Connection
I love this family.  This is the second baby I will have the pleasure of photographing.  What a joy it is to be part of such memorable moments in a families life.  Meghann is one of my very favorite clients ever.  Is it OK to have favorites?  I have photographed her little girl as a newborn and then captured all of her baby milestones throughout her first year.  And now I get to be their newborn photographer once again, as they will soon welcome a little son to their family.  I honestly can not imagine a more perfect job.  Meghann asked me to really capture a family connection during her maternity session.  My favorite portraits from her session is this series with her little lady.  There are so many great ones.  This one is my favorite.  It shows Meghann as the sweet nurturing mother that she is.  And it shows Caitlin as the tender, inquisitive little girl that she is.  It shows the quintessential mother daughter relation.  A connect of love.

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Puyallup Newborn Photographer ~ Simplicity

Puyallup Newborn Photographer Jennifer Wilcox Photography Luke 1 1024x735 Puyallup Newborn Photographer ~ Simplicity
As a Puyallup newborn photographer it is pretty rare that I get to see clients from my own hometown.  It seems most of my clients come from Seattle and or Tacoma.  There is always that hope after photographing a local baby that I might get to occasionally run into their family at the store and watch them grow glimpse by glimpse.  I suppose I should stop wearing my Pjs to the store, lol!  Luke was the very easiest baby I have ever photographer.  His mom did something right when prepping him for his session.  He slept like a dream.

When prepping for a newborn photography session I ask parents to try and keep their baby awake for the hour before their session.  That way we can hope for a sleepy baby in studio.  Other things that help are a nice warm bath the morning of the session and having a nice full feeding right before we get to work.

I am so excited to share the images from Luke’s gallery with his parents.  I always want to be a fly one the wall when they see them for the first time.  Having a new baby is such an emotional experience.  And seeing their newborn images, usually right around the time your tiny newborn is a month old, takes you right back to those first perfect moments.

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Meghan Rickard - May 15, 2014 - 2:25 pm

Luke is quite the handsome little man, I love his hair!

Best Maternity Photographer ~ Dream

Best Maternity Photographer Puyallup Photographer Best Maternity Photographer ~ Dream
I feel like in order to be the best maternity photographer you have to be able to capture a woman at her best, feeling her best.  Some of that is in posing.  Some of that is letting the right emotions bubble to the surface.  Matching the mood of a background with the mood of your portrait is when you really hit the jackpot.  That is what I feel happened here.  Stephanie was our last model on our workshop day.  We were definitely “chasing” the light.  But with the right ingredients available to us ( a beautiful woman, a beautiful day and a beautiful spot) we were able to capture that Ah-Ha moment.  This is my favorite.  I LOVE it so much.  I hope Stephanie loves it and has a huge beautiful canvas printed for her home.

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Angela - April 26, 2014 - 1:52 pm

Simply stunning! Love!

Stephanie - April 25, 2014 - 10:38 am

Thank you Jennifer! It’s absolutely gorgeous! It was great meeting you, and this workshop was such a fun experience! Thanks again!

Tacoma Maternity Photographer ~ Mommy Time

Tacoma Maternity Photographer Jennifer Wilcox Photographer Jalissa 2 1024x735 Tacoma Maternity Photographer ~ Mommy Time
We had a lovely family model for us at our Tacoma Maternity workshop.  Their little girl was so precious and really wanted to be her mom.  Her Mom was getting all the attention.  We took a moment to get some great one on one bonding pictures with the of them together.  She is so into her mom and loves her so much.  I love seeing mothers and daughters so close to each other.  These two are best friends.  This picture captures that closeness that they have together.  I am super excited to see this wonderful family grow when they welcome their little boy later this summer.

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