Renton Newborn Photogapher ~ Rylen

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Renton newborn photographer

I love when I have an older sibling come to newborn sessions.  Rylen’s family hired me to be their Renton newborn photographer and it was a pleasure to meet them and to work with their little son to create beautiful baby portraits.  But the best part of the sessions was working with this wonderful young man.  He was such a great listener and so cooperative.  He did everything I asked him to do and he did it perfectly.  It was easy to create beautiful pictures of him with his brand new baby brother because he was plain to see that he loved him.  He probably loved him from the first moment he saw him.  He was so gentle.  I work with a lot of 2 year olds.  And that is a totally different story, lol.  While I pride myself in being able to do a bang up job with young siblings it is such a pleasure to work with a pro.

I am super excited to share Rylen’s newborn session images with his mommy.  When I am hired to be a Renton newborn photographer, what that really means is that someone is hiring me so that they can remember forever.  Our memories are not the things we want them to be.  And things fade and get forgotten.  But when there is a portrait to transport you back to blissful moments, that is all you need.  They are little mini time machines to happiness.  I love that I get to offer families a way back.

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Redmond Maternity Photographer ~ Kayla

When you are 8 months pregnant there is no better treat in the whole world than be able to feel gorgeous.  In those final weeks of anticipation, waiting for your little one to arrive, every muscle aches, every bone is weary.  I can just rem

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Redmond Maternity Photographer

ember those days when there was absolutely no single way to get comfort.  And worse yet you can get in the doldrums.  When your body hurts, and you are so swollen it hurts to stand there is no better time to do something that makes you feel like a thousands bucks.  Maternity sessions are all about just that.  In just an hour I can make a woman remember she is a beautiful goddess.  It is such a treat.  And there is no better keepsake that compliments a newborn portrait than a portrait of your beautiful mother anxious for your arrival.  What a treasure it is to see the happiness and joy that you brought to your mother as she waited to hold you.

If you are expecting a new baby please consider adding a maternity mini to your newborn session.  Sessions are easy to fit around work schedules.  Treat yourself to a special day of pampering.  Go the extra mile and have your hair, nails and makeup done.  Soon all of your days will be about your new little person.  Save one day for you.

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Bonney Lake Baby Photographer ~ Kambryn

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Bonney Lake Baby Photographer

Sometimes when parents contact me to be their Bonney Lake baby photographer I am astonished that times flies so fast.  It felt like just a month or two ago that I was holding baby Kambryn in my arms rocking her to sleep for her newborn session.  I have often wondered why it is that good times seem to fly by so fast.  Sweet little Kambryn has grown so fast and she is such a wet, beautiful little toddler.  It was a pleasure to see how much she has changed and grown.  Click here she is as a little brand new baby doll.  I love this series of images from her newborn session.  She is surrounded by her adoring siblings.  Just pure happiness in those portraits.  Now that she is about to be one she has so many things to look forward to.  Her second year will be filled with even more firsts.  Like, running, jumping, talking, learning to play with her big sister.  So many happy moments about to begin.  I just adore babies.

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Puyallup Newborn Photographer ~ Gaige

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Puyallup Newborn Photographer

Gaige is a miracle baby four years in the making.  What a wonderful privileged it was to be his Puyallup newborn photographer.  My heart nearly bursts with happiness to meet couples that have struggled with infertility and finally have felt the joys of bringing a baby into their home.  I can only imagine that there is no better feeling in the world.  Gaige is very special and I am sure that his parents will make sure that he always knows that.

For Gaige’s session we focused on greys and blues, always a popular color combination with my newborn clients.  This is the third client in a row to request my hanging shot too.  I have fun making each one a little different.  I thought the birch branch on a grey background went perfectly with the styling of this handsome muffin’s portrait session.  I love being a Puyallup newborn photographer!  It is definitely a very satisfying creative outlet.  I really wish that I had developed the skills that have now years and years ago so that I could have beautiful newborn portraits of my own sweet babies.

I hope to see this handsome baby boy back in the studio once he learns to sit so we can continue to celebrate his infancy!  Sitter milestone sessions are my favorite.  Babies are just starting to show their personalities and we don’t have to chase a busy youngster all over the studio, lol.  Those birthday sessions can be a major work out.

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Puyallup Newborn Photographer ~ Fienna

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Puyallup Newborn Photographer

What a beautiful name for a beautiful baby girl.  I think I love it because it sounds so Irish to me.  And I think everyone knows how much I LOVE Ireland.  I love unusual names as long as they fit a few criteria.  They must be pronounceable to the general public.  This little lady scores easily there as her name is very phonetic.  I personally don’t care for names that are gender ambiguous.  And you couldn’t get a more feminine, lovely sounding name than Fienna.  And it has to be pleasing to say.  And this sweet name just rolls right off my tongue.  Not that it matters at all what I think anyway.  But I keep a little mental list of names of love from the babies that I meet in case one day my children seek my two cents when naming my grand babies.  Fienna is on the list!

As this families Puyallup newborn photographer I styled their daughter’s session with greys and purples as requested.  I haven’t gotten to use purple in a long time, so that was a special privilege.  (I get tired of pink)  Fienna’s mom was super excited about trying for the hanging shot that I do.  And since we were doing purple that meant I got to use my very favorite branch.  Wisteria for the win.  She looks so lovely hanging off of such a beautiful branch.  I hope mom prints that image big to hang above her baby girl’s crib.  Such a pretty shot.

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