While I was thinking about how to style Carter’s newborn photography session I decided I wanted to use soft neutral colors.  I know I am not the right photographer for everyone.  I do not use bright bold colors.  I am not into tons of props and accessories.  I want my portraits to stand the test of time.  Have you ever looked back at your family pictures from the 70’s or 80’s and thought “holy cow, what were they thinking”?    Simple classic portraits will not look outdated years from now.  Another thing that is important to me is that your babies are the focus of my work.  Have you ever seen a picture of a baby all decked out with a bow two times the size of her tiny newborn head?  That is not me.  I will take that photo for you but it will not, I promise be the one that you love.  The one that makes you teary eyed.  The one that you hold close and dear to your heart.  I want your daughter, like sweet Carter here to be the sole subject of her portrait with no competition from some gigantic headband.   I love saving those “bigger” and “fancier” accessories and props for 6 month and one year sessions.  Because by that time your style (how you dress your child) has become a part of them – part of who they are.  But as a newborn, a brand new perfect little person, I want your session to be all about that fresh beginning.

When Carter came to see me, I was immediately wooed by her perfection.  She had the creamiest porcelain skin.  Dark thick hair that is going to be gorgeous just like her mother’s.  I loved her plump little feet with the most perfect toes ever.  These are the things I want to steal your attention, not a bow.  I want you to look at her portrait and think wow, she is an angel.  When you bring me your children we are celebrating your love for them.  So I want to photograph them simply and innocently.  What I hope is that as this little angel grows that there are two very loving women who will be able to look back at this picture and remember their daughter and her perfect beginnings.  This is Carter and she is simply beautiful all on her own.

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