A woman is a work of art.  Maternity photography is all about showing off a woman’s form.  Curves and lines that work together to make a woman beautiful.  Kayleigh was a natural.  She was so comfortable with her body.  I hardly had to direct her at all.  It was if she had been a dancer and understood already how to use her body to create lines that make the eye want to linger.  I love that woman are experiencing a revolution.  For so long we have been insecure about our bodies and afraid to accept the canvases we have been given.  But each of us is a work of art.

I follow a team of photographers that does some really amazing boudoir photography.    What I love about their style is that they approach each session as fine artists.  Like the old masters that were commissioned to paint a portraits these woman create masterpieces.  I saw one of their pieces pop up in my news feed on facebook the other day and I had to share this quote.  “In the late 19th century, the great Parisian master painters created spectacular works of art that celebrated the female form beyond belief. The exquisite beauty of bare femininity was commissioned by men — and by women—in an almost academic fashion. It was as a gesture of love, honor, beauty and the purest of desires.  What a joy for us to be able to help modern women feel like true ART,” – Cate Scaglione and Natalie Licini.  You can see some of their work here.

Like these women I feel like it is my pleasure Kayleigh to make you feel like “true art.”

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