There is a scripture in the Old Testament in Psalms that says something along the lines of, happy is the man that hath a quiver full of children.”  I love that verse.  I think it is the spoken truth!  Charlotte is number four in her family.  I know that she will bring her own special tone to her family.  Families are like symphonies.  (this analogy is especially fitting since Dad is the music chair of our local college and Mom has a voice like an angel).  You can listen to a beautiful piece of music that just features one instrument, say a cello, and it can sound like the most beautiful and soulful piece.  The sound is deep and rich.  Now add in a violin and there is a sweet melody to interact and fill in the song.  Then, if you were to continue to build with piano, clarinet, bass and maybe a little flute the song is given depth and becomes a beautiful work of art.  A family is just like that.  Everyone has there role, their own personality, something to bring to the table.  And as a family grows it becomes a deeply moving work of art.  It takes a lifetime to create but the story in the end, with all of its dynamics, crescendos and movements, is truly art for the ears, eyes, heart and soul!   Charlotte I am sure that your part in your families song will be sweet and beautiful.

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