Being a newborn photographer has its challenges.  One of the hardest of these for me is photographing twins.  I can only imagine carrying twins, delivering twins, and raising twins.  Just thinking about it makes me tired!  You know that cliche’ don’t bite off more than you can chew….well…let’s just say I always worry how in the world I am going to capture darling images of TWO babies!!!  One thing that makes it possible is having amazing clients who are patient and helpful and a pleasure to spend your morning with;-)  Another thing that helps is having darling, picture perfect babies to photograph.  You can’t go wrong with a precious subject right?  And then in full disclosure I have to admit that I pray for a miracle   Please make both of these darling babies sleepy at the same time, lol!  It did take some hard work and a very patient Mom and Dad, but miracles can happen and though their “twin sleep” was fleeting…it did happen.  And they are the most perfect little brother and sister ever!  Don’t you want to ooh and aww?

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