25 Secrets of Happy Mom

25 Secrets Of Happy Moms

1. Wake up to chocolate

2. Peace out in the shower

3. pimp your lazy boy (think massage mats)

4. Splurge just a smidge (buy something indulgent)

5. Fire up the oven

6. Feed your brain while feeding baby (snuggle up with a good book)

7. Pound the pavement

8. Find your rhythm (listen to some favorite tunes)

9. Chip in for a night out (have other playdate buddies chip in for a girls night out)

10. Spy on your sweetie (watch her play)

11. Practice your downward dog

12. Cherish the snuggles

13. Play dress up (dress up for the day)

14. Enlist baby free buddies to babysit

15. Compare notes

16. Date your mate

17. Higher a high schooler (for some sweet relief from baby)

18. Be a spin doctor (focus on the bright side)

19. Remember you’re more than a mom (do work you really enjoy)

20. Rant, Ramble Record

21. Say “Cheers!”

22. Connect with a click (find other moms you can talk with)

23. Leave Gram and Gramps in charge

24. Resist sizing yourself up

25. Look at the big picture

Which ones really help yours truly????

Newborn Photographer Puyallup

Splurging on a shopping trip, chocolate, hot showers, working on my business, networking with other moms and photographers, date night, not comparing myself to others, hanging out with my girl friends, blogging!

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