Twins! {Newborn Photographer Seattle, Tacoma, Puyallup}

Children are a source of joy
To which nothing else compares.
And that joy is double whenever
Those children come in pairs.

Newborn Photographer TwinsMy very first set of twins!  This session was rescheduled once by their parents and once by me due to illness.  As the date for their session kept stretching into the future I found myself getting anxious.  My excitement had turned to nerves!  It is so hard to photograph one baby!  Would I be able to do two babies at once?  I think someone heard my prayers for sleepy babies.  Sophia and Lance were some of my best little clients ever.

Did you ever wish you were a twin?  When you were a young girl did you dream of having twins?  I think at one point or another it is something all future mommies fantasize about.  We are jealous of the companionship twins seem to magically have hold of.  Parent trap made us yearn for a partner in crime.  And then as we think about our own posterity we find ourselves dreaming of having children who can share those “only for twins” adventures and friendships.  Time goes by and a first child is born and it isn’t long before the dream for twins is scratched off the list.  Now we know how hard it is to be a mother and just how many sleepless nights one baby can bring.  Through experience we become a little chicken.  For some mothers though twins come, planned or not.  Maybe in the beginning there is a moment of panic; maybe a bit of shock…possibly fear on behalf of the dads.  Nine moths pass filled with wonder and trepidation.  Will these two tiny babies be fast friends?  Will they share each others features?  Will life as you know it ever be the same?

And then the moment comes when you are in the hospital holding two beautiful children.  You are filled and overflowing with happiness and love.  And then it doesn’t matter if you planned it that way as a child, got chicken and crossed it off you list of fantasy, or held your swollen belly for 9 months worrying about the future.  You will find away to make it work.  Worries fly out the window as two pairs of eyes gaze up at you in adoration and two fists full of tiny fingers curl around yours.

They are hear.  They are yours.  And they are perfect!

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