A First Child Is Magic

Newborn Babies are all a shot of magic into every family.  And as a photographer I am always happy to be there to receive a little bit of that Heavenly love that comes with them as a package deal.  But first children (I am not biased at all as a first child myself) are extra magical.  They are the start of a new adventure.  They are the much awaited result of a couples love for each other.  They are a sign that science, as wonderful as it is, still hasn’t been able to explain all the things in life that function “magically”.   With your first baby you are nervous, excited and afraid.  Those knots in your stomach that haunted you on your wedding day are back.  Because just like the day you wed, another miraculous event is taking place.  First, you found true love in a world full of people, and now you are falling head over heals in love again.  This time there is a really significant age difference;-)  This time the tiny creature you hold in your hands that is the recipient of all of your love and care, gives little back.  And this time it doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t pick up after himself.  It doesn’t matter that he demands meals constantly.  You could care less that you have to do load after load of  laundry.  And it would have to be true love to get you through all those sleepless nights and diaper changes.  And it is.  It is magic.  And your firstborn gets it all.  There is no sharing.  He has you and Dad constantly devoted to him alone 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

This is Kingston.  He is the first born.  His arrival into this world has changed the lives of his Mom and Dad.  Their worlds now revolve around him.  He is their center.  It was so wonderful to meet his special family that is now one person larger.  We had so much fun trying to convince him to sleep and take it easy.  He naturally, because first children are the most stubborn, wanted things his way.  He wanted his clothes back on!  He did not want me to move him at all!  His arms and little legs were his business, not mine…and who was I to be constantly trying to move them around.  So the morning was a little “complicated”.  But wonderful things always happen if you work hard enough for them.  (that is what happens when a first born photographer comes to heads with a firstborn baby)  What I really LOVED about this little fellow was how expressive he already is at such a tender little age.  Check out my Face Book page in a day or two to see what I mean.  This little man has some BIG character!

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