Adi, Infant Fashionista {Newborn Photographer Seattle, Tacoma, Puyallup}

Adi has a wardrobe that would make Lady Gaga proud.  Her mom came to the studio with a whole laundry basket full of the most amazing outfits.  I had to post this one because it was my favorite.  If your baby is sitting on your lap as you read this post prepare for her to turn green.  Little ladies everywhere will be petitioning Santa this year for new tuts to add to their closet!  Adi was defiinitly a little timid.  Taking pictures can be scary work for a baby, even if they are dressed up like little Divas.  So many times when photographing a newborn I hear, “they sleep all day”  or when photographing a baby’s first stages, “she always smiles.”  Leave it to our not so good friend Murphy and his horrible laws to take a normally very sleepy newborn or really happy baby and make them do just the opposite of what they usually do at home.

I think as parents we are trained to want our kids smiling ear to ear in every picture.  We grew up saying cheese to everyone holding a camera.  It is hard to shake off those years of tradition and now expectation.  Our babies are just as beautiful if not more so when we see them as they are that day in that moment.  Look at those big brown beautiful eyes, they are a window to her soul.  If she were smiling the portrait would be lovely too, but you would be drawn straight to her mouth and miss out on those deep, pensive milky brown eyes staring deepy into you…what is she thinking….I wonder?

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