All I Want For Christmas!!!!!

Today is a good day.  Some days starting my own small business can feel so daunting.  It can be easy to become discouraged and wonder if all of my hard work will ever pay off.  Everyday I wonder how other successful business men and women made their dreams reality.  There is so much to learn, so much to do and it is never ending.  To be the best you have to be CONSTANTLY WORKING.  And there are days when all of “that” makes me tired.  Inevitably there is always something around the corner to shed light at the end of the tunnel.  Sometimes small, sometimes huge there is always something to encourage me to NEVER give up on my dream, to think BIG and to make a DIFFERENCE!  More often that not those “things” come from Sarah Petty and her equally AMAZING Joy Team!  And they are literally wrapped in brown paper packages and tied up with string (Sarah is a packaging guru on top of being a marketing genius).

I was first inspired by her through Photo Vision.  I ate up every word and watched it over and over again.  My notebook where I write down any great ideas is FULL of jewels from Sarah.  Then I discovered her on Friday photo school which led me to Cafe Joy.  I eat up every little bit of everything on her blog and website.  She has hands down been the most inspiring role model that I have when it comes to making my boutique portrait business something really wonderful!

This morning, right when I was feeling the pinch on my purse stings, I got another jolt of hope from the Joy Team!  They have put together what is garaunteed to be a most amazing seminar to give photographers a “JOYSTART” to 2011!  They are giving away two free recordings.  I NEED TO BE THAT LUCKY WINNER! Here’s why:

1. I literally have never won anything in my life – ever.  I know that’s cliche, but it is so true and some day – hopefully NOW – karma is going to shine down on me!

2. I have been working my fingers and pocket book to the bone since February to create a business worthy of patronage.  I have high expectations!  And I am doing it all with pennies I spare from my weekly budget.  I seriously go days feeding my poor four children .99 cent boxes of macaroni and cheese so that I can have more spare money.  Unfortunately money is necessary to start a business and there is never enough!

3. Sarah and her Joy Team are my heroines!  They are real.  I know that they aren’t just in it to make a buck.  They have this crazy drive to share and inspire.  It makes me love them even more.  I need the actual recording instead of just listening in for free because I save every scrap of information I get from these marvelous ladies.  If I had to list just one thing that has made the biggest difference for me in starting my business it would be hands down the help and inspiration they dole out with beautiful smiles.

4. If I actually had the RECORDING it would save me the effort of taking maticulous notes.  My hands could go through a “Sarah Session” without cramping.  I love Sarah, my hands don’t.  She is so amazing I write down every word and have the callouses to prove it!  I might actually for once get to set back and take it all in without having to STRESS over missing something!  I know whatever they have put together will be something I will want to revisit over and over again!

5.If I get a copy of the beginner recordings I can listen in on the advanced info.  I can get the best of both worlds!


Santa and all your miracle making elves….


If you want to see for yourself the cause of my swooning check out this video!  Joystart 2011

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