An Artist

This little muse from my workshop deserved her own special blog post.  I was missing my own children and she reminded me so much of my 7 year old, Kate.  She was very timid, but we connected and she was my favorite model from the workshop.  Photographing her gave me goose bumps because I really felt like my portraits of her were not just pictures but a window to her soul.  Cheesy I know…and I might be totally losing my mind.

As I spent time with her we talked about who she was and what she wanted to be some day.  She told me that she wants to be and artist and a cookie and cupcake baker.  We talked about how being a baker is being an artist and how wonderful she will be some day at her dream job.  As we talked I noticed the paint on her hands and thought that instead of just taking portraits of a beautiful girl I wanted to show off this little artist as an artist.  A deep thinker with a playful heart and a love for beautiful things.

I think, looking at these portraits of my little muse, that they embody everything Jamie was trying to teach us.  That if we can genuinly connect with our subjects, opportuinites open to us and we then are given the opportunioty to record our subjects authentically.

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