Auburn Baby Photographer, Oh The Places You’ll Go

Dr. Seuss birthdayOver the last few years I have photographed hundreds of newborns at my Puyallup studio.  Many of them continue to come visit me for baby portraits as they grow.  That is such a pleasure for me.  Being able to see little personalities develop is amazing.  I was talking with a friend the other day about the odds of one of the little people I have met over the years becoming somebody great someday.  We were discussing things like Presidents, Inventors, Discoverers etc…That evening I lay in bed feeling like I had sold a lot of wonderful little people short.  It started by thinking of my own children and how I would measure their success as adults.  It certainly isn’t whether or not they become a politician!  Instead I made a mental list of things like:

-able to provide for their family

-a hard worker






-loving and dedicated spouse and parent



-a true friend

-a peace maker

 I hope for that!  If these wonderful little people can lay claim to that list, they will be the most successful people I know and I will be so proud to say, “I took his baby portraits!”

Little Nolan, congrats on wrapping up your first year.  It has been a very full year of change and learning!  You are your parents joy and it has been so fun to see their immense love for you grow and grow.  I love your smile and your beautiful brown eyes.  You have the very best parents!  I know that they will help you to have a very bright future full of fun and happy memories.  Happy Birthday – from your photographer;-)

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