Baby Photographer Puyallup, Big Boy

Will is a big boy!  He is also a whirling dervish!  Don’t let his sweet good looks fool you.  He is all about being a boy and nothing can hold him back.  How his Mom managers to keep up with his crazy fast pace is totally beyond me!  I had him in the studio for right around an hour and needed a nap afterwards.  He was so curious and wanted to investigate everything.  Except his cake…

Will was not the least bit interested in his birthday cake really.  The backdrop was more up his alley.  It wasn’t until we gave him a giant spoon that he even wanted to try the frosting.  But once he had the spoon of destiny in is hands there was no holding back.  He even got his feet involved, lol!

I am so excited for Will and his family as they embark on new adventures together.  I am grateful that while they were stationed here in Washington that I was able to be a part of some major causes for celebration.  I will miss you all;-)

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