Baby Prodigy

Being a baby photographer is a lot of fun.  Each little person is so unique.  Photographing Koa was no easy task.  This little man is all boy!  He was such a busy little guy, and always on the move.  I literally had seconds to get good shots in between his mom diligently sitting him back down over and over again.  Koa really surprised me with his level of communication.  I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised since both of his parents are teachers, lol!  He has so many beginning sounds down.  But even more impressive was his extensive use of baby signs.  I wish I had known how to teach baby signs to my children when they were little.  Some many frustrations with being a parent of a toddler stem from poor communication.  I love that parents can learn how to teach their little ones ways to communicate while they are waiting on the acquisition of speech.  Koa was using so many signs during his session.  It was really a neat thing to see.

If you want to learn more about baby signing, I am sure there are lots of great resources.  I did a quick little search on line and found this site. It looked like a good place to start;-)

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