Being A Builder {Newborn Photographer Seattle Tacoma Puyallup}

I am so excited to share Hudson’s sneak peak from his newborn photography session.  He is such a good looking little fellow already.  How can he help it with such good looking parents right?!?  During my newborn sessions I like to get to know my clients a bit better.  I found out that Dad owns his own business and is a builder.  I think that construction is such a great occupation for men.  My husband spent a few years in the construction business and he is so handy around the house.   Dad’s with backgrounds in construction are like super heroes in the home.  They can fix anything!  I really, truly think that all young men should spend at least some time in their early working experience learning building skills.  Those skills are ones that will be valuable to them and their families forever, whether or not they chose to stick with it or not.

As I have been editing Hudson’s session I can’t help but think about his little future.  I can totally see him learning how to swing a hammer with his Dad.  But more than that I hope his Dad will teach him how to be another kind of builder.  The kind of builder that lifts people up.  I hope he learns to work and serve, to speak with kindness.  I hope that as he grows and tall and strong that he will grow a strong character.  Heaven knows we need more strong and brave young men with integrity, compassion and confidence!  Little Hudson I know you can be that young man.  As your Dad teaches you about the tools of his trade I know he will teach the tools for being a real man;-)  Maybe someday I will be voting for you to be our next president….you never know!

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