Bellevue Newborn Photographer ~ Get Close

When families come to me for newborn photography I want Mom and Dad to get in the picture.  Often times it is these first family portraits that are my favorite.  Your sweet baby lying perfectly posed on a beautiful blanket is wonderful, but these images are the ones that capture the miracle.  Portraits like this one are the first record of you being a family.  Baby is always in the center.  She is the knot that brings two strong cords together.  Mom and Dad both supporting her for the rest of her life.  Often times mom and dad have to rely on each other for balance in images like these.  It is so beautifully poetic.  In this image in particular Dad’s smile reveals his happiness and excitement that he is holding in his hands a perfect princess.  There is something more in moms smile, she is caught up in thoughts and feelings.  I have often found that there is more for moms to ponder when thinking of their daughter.  It will be her responsibility to teach and train.  I think as a woman and a mother that we definitely feel more pressure and set for ourselves a high standard when raising our girls.  The most significant thing about having a beautiful family portrait is that it symbolizes a willingness to get close, to be together and become unified.  I am so excited for the wonderful future in store for this wonderful family.

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