Beloved {Newborn Photography Seattle Tacoma Puyallup}

From the moment that Lyndi scheduled her maternity and newborn photography sessions I have know what this blog post was going to be about.  With every single session with her my conviction that this is what I wanted to share has grown stronger.  Never in my short life of 25 years 🙂 have I ever met a woman more loved than Lyndi.

There is a movement sweeping through the photographic world called “Beloved”.  The founder of the movement (though kind of crazy in my opinion) has some excellent ideas.  He proposes that we move away from meaningless posing and focus our lives on, “celebrating the relationships that fill our lives with joy and purpose.”  Lyndi is doing this not only by hiring me to take beautiful, meaningful portraits of these special moments in her life, but by living this principle day by day.

I have watched, as days have gone by, Lyndi  receive countless words of love, encouragement and support from friends and family on her facebook page.  From the outpouring of love she is receiving you might expect that she has countless Facebook friends.  It is more that evey single one of those people LOVE her.  Spending a moment on her facebook page is like participating in pep rally all for one person.  She is beloved by all of her friends and family.

So what does this have to do with darling, beautiful, angelic Clara?  If ever there was a woman cut out to be a mother it is Lyndi.  A woman doesn’t garner faith, devotion and love from others (especially other women) unless they are genuinely amazing.  She is the real deal.  And little Clara, on top of having such a wonderful mother, you will be blessed by her friends.  There are several women in my life that have become sisters to me.  Even though they are far away and we may actually only talk on the phone a few times a year and rarely get to visit…they are my family.  Their children are near and dear to my heart.  Clara will be blessed by connections that run deep, just like my children and I have.

Being a woman means that you have no ceiling on your capacity to love and be loved.  Lyndi and Clara always remember this time in both of your lives when others have been so thoughtful and giving.  You are “beloved”.

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