Berkely l Fine Art Photography

Of all the animals, the boy is the most unmanageable.


Berkely is already living up to that reputation.  What a little mover!  It should never surprise me when a baby picks his photo shoot to decide to break out of the “he’s always such a good sleeper” mode!  Little Berkely fought sleep, anointed every blanket in my studio and hated to be naked!  But to all of those skeptic parents out there that worry that only perfectly sleeping babies can be captured beautifully…here is proof to think again.  My job is to make magic happen.  I am not there as a photographer to simply take pictures for parents that are nervous about whether they can get off a good shot themselves.  Any photographer worth their salt can take a good picture.  What I do for a living is to create experiences that are so remarkable that you can’t help but think happy thoughts every time you remember your child’s photo shoot.  It’s not just about the pictures!  I want to provide you with a special moment to celebrate a new life and to capture those amazing feelings for a lifetime!  And whether or not your baby sleeps like an angel, wiggles and cries, and yes…even if they pee and poop all over EVERYTHING…I will work magic!

So here is to one very handsome baby boy who really made me earn my keep and and an amazing Mom who I hope will always remember her special day wit her son


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