Best Maternity Photographer ~ Demur Princess

Washington Maternity Photographer_Jennifer Wilocox Photography_Kjersten (4)Meet Kjersten, our second model from the workshop I hosted last week.  She came to us from Idaho for her maternity portraits.  When Kjersten applied to be a model and I saw that beautiful auburn hair, I knew I had to have this maternity dress for her.  I had seen it in a vendors shop a while back.  And thoughts of adding it to my maternity wardrobe collection kept tugging at my mind.  Once we settled on having Kjersten model for us I was pulling the trigger.  It came the day of the workshop, talk about barely making it in time.

One of the great things about having a professional to learn from in person is learning the little itty bitty things that they do to nudge subjects into a flawless pose.  I really feel like Briony is an expert at posing women.  She has a gift with making pregnant moms feel comfortable.  Having experienced pregnancy on her own she knows how much she is asking of her clients, when it is OK to push them into a position and when it is not going to work for a specific client.  She had excellent tips for quickly taking clients from one pose to the next to maximize her time with them.  I loved watching her at her work.  I had a vision in my mind that Briony captured perfectly with her posing of this image.  A demur, pregnant princess.

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