Best Maternity Photographer Western Washinton

Western Washington Maternity Photographer_Jennifer Wilcox Photography 6I got to be a true Western Washington Maternity photographer this last weekend.  I went on on a grand adventure with three dear friends to some of the most beautiful places in the world in order to take stunning maternity portraits of my friend Meghan.  Our 19 hour road trip yielded us some really amazing works of art.  Photography is so much fun when you are doing it with friends.  We photographed Meghan in waterfalls, moss laden forests, picturesque beaches and fairy tale settings that only my beautiful state could provide.  I feel like the images I shot for my friend are the best maternity photography images I have ever taken.  Thanks to some really wonderful ladies and their help.  With their guidance I braved the big outdoor world.  Check out their work!

Meghan (our beautiful pregnant friend) is from Kenniwick.

Briony (my wonderful instructor) came from Colorado.

Jessica (a very dear friend) came all the way from Connecticut.


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