Brand New {Newborn Photographer Puyallup}

Newborn baby deer
Newborn baby deer 2
Newborn baby deer 3
Where have I been?  On family vacation to Yosemite National Park.  But even there I had babies on the mind.  I had just spent the most wonderful day enjoying the beauty of this beautiful park.  We saw waterfalls thundering with heavy snow melt and overflowing their banks.  We enjoyed quiet walks through the forest and gazed in perfectly still lakes and the monumental reflections of Half Dome.  It was a perfect day.

Until I dropped my most expensive lens that is.  Talk about heart break!  I have it insured but still, the deductible makes me want to cry.  So in despair I hung my head as we drove out of the park.  My husband noticed a deer and began to point her out to me.  Discouraged I brushed him off.  You can tell I was in a grumpy mood by my response, “It’s just a deer.”  When he followed up with, “this one has babies…”, I was immediately pulled out of my pity party and into photographer mode.  For the second time that day I was chastising myself for leaving my nice zoom lens at home.  I had tried to pack lite and force myself to learn to use the two lenses I brought.  So putting my 50 mm lens (not ideal for wildlife!!!) I jumped out of the car.  I crept closer and closer and marveled the whole time that this mother deer was being so generous to all of us that had stopped to photographer her fawns.  I had already taken several picture when I realized she had three!!!  These turned out to be my favorite images from the trip.  And I will never again leave my zoom lens behind just so I don’t have to carry a backpack.

Babies just have a way of melting your heart and making you forget your troubles don’t they!

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