Bremerton Newborn Photographer ~ Alexandra

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Bremerton Newborn Photographer

Just what is it about a brand new baby that makes holding them such a joy?  As a Bremerton newborn photographer I get to hold a lot of babies.  Little Alexandra was in the studio a little over a week ago.  She was so perfect.  I could have help her forever.  Alexandra’s mom brought a bottle, so I was even able to feed her.  I often stand in wonder about the whole almost sacred magic that comes while holding a baby.  There velvet skin and newborn smell are like a drug for me.  No matter what is going on in my life, holding a baby makes me able to put everything into perspective and dial life down to the things that matter most.  When you hold a newborn you are reminded that life is the greatest miracle and the thing we most take for granted.  I love that as a Bremerton newborn photographer I get to capture brand new lives and create stunning portraits that their families will treasure for generations.  I can’t hold my little infant clients forever, but I can create a gateway to memory that allows me and their loved ones to remember the joy, peace and happiness that they bring to the world.


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