Calm and Sweet {Newborn Photography Seattle Tacoma Puyallup}

Little Asher was such a dream during his newborn photography session.  He peacefully slept the whole time;-)

I always wonder if a babies temperament as a newborn is like a little sneak peek into the person they will become.  Some babies are super alert and restless.  Some are plain fighters.  A few like Asher are sleepy little bundles of cuddles.  I hope that Asher brings to his family the aura he brought to my studio.  Every family needs a little one that has a calm center.  One that is quiet and strong and knows how to be affectionate.  Maybe Asher will be that child in his family.

If he in fact turns out to be a super active spit fire……well his mom will have sweet newborn pictures like these to show him that it wasn’t always so.

Thank you Asher for being a calm, sweet spot in a busy story week for me!

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alexis - April 19, 2012 - 3:43 pm

i am asher’s aunty and i just want to say what an amazing job you did!! my whole family loves the beautiful pictures. i will definately be coming to you when my time comes for babies 🙂 you do such beautiful work..the best ive ever seen!!

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