Carrie l Maternity Photography

This beautiful Momma is expecting her third boy.  It was so fun to see her boys constantly trying to swarm around her.  It was no easy task to get them to give me some time alone with her.  They wanted to hug her and hold her and be constantly all over her.  She was so tender with them.  And those boys loved each other!  This couple must be doing something right, because these boys were tight.  How fun it will be to add another to the mix.  I can see them all grown up and being best friends.  Because these little guys were so adoring of their mommy in her beautifully round state I thought it would be best to chose a picture that expressed that for this blog post.  Can’t you see it.  Don’t you want your kids to play with her kids.  They were so happy and adoring.  It made me wish I had more than one son.  Because girls worship their Daddies and Sons dote on their Mommas!

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