Cheerful, Bright and Happy {Newborn Photographer Seattle Tacoma Puyallup}

When I first delivered newborn portraits to Adelaide’s Mom a year ago I stepped into a bright home full of color.  It was a little astonishing actually.  So many decorators chose to use neutral, muted shades theses days in homes.  The wall that greeted me as I stepped through Robin’s door was a beautiful right green.   It made me smile.  As I have gotten to know Robin over this last year as she has brought Adelaide back for her baby portrait sessions I have come to learn that Robin’s house defines her.  She is bright, cheerful and happy!

It is always with a little sadness that I prepare for a baby’s birthday session.  I have come to know these little people.  I follow their accomplishments on face-book, I have every detail of their little faces memorized.  I feel like taking their mother’s by the shoulders and saying, “get pregnant NOW” just so I can continue to be a part of their lives.  Anyway….while preparing for Adelaide’s session I wanted to to something special for Robin.  As you all should know well, my style is most definitely earthy (the way I decorate my home – funny how that works).  But I wanted these portraits to be perfect for Robin’s home.  I wanted something BRIGHT and CHEERFUL so that Robin could hang it on that beautiful green wall of hers!  So the idea for this image was born.  And I LOVE IT!  It makes me happy.  Here’s to hoping it makes Adelaide’s mom happy too!

PS…I had to go to three florists to find enough Gerbera Daisies!

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