Cherish The Thought {Maternity Photographer Seattle Tacoma Puyallup}

Inspiration for a maternity photography session can hit at any moment.  This time it came while visiting hallmark looking for a greeting card.  I always take a minute to look at the Willow Tree collection on the shelf.  These pieces are so beautiful.  I have a few that have been gifts from people that mean so much to me in my life.  As I was looking I saw this one.

I knew I had Kristyn’s maternity session coming soon and I immediately went home and started planning how to capture this time in her life so that we could show just how much she “Cherished” it.  I wanted soft neutral colors just like the Willow Tree palette and I wanted her images to be all about how her gestures; the tilt of her head, the placement of her hands and the tilt of her body could convey the emotions of pregnancy.  She is about to have a daughter and I am sure that there are lots of wonderful day dreams filling her days about how life is just about to get a whole lot sweeter.  Cherish that thought and keep it in your heart.  Thank you Krsityn for allowing me to create this beautiful session for you!  I can’t wait for you to see more!


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