Christmas Baby

When Levi came to the studio for his newborn photography session I talked his parents into having a little holiday fun so they could have some great portraits to share with family and friends.  I know it is a little late to be sharing Christmas images but I promised my clients this year to keep their special holiday images secret to allow them to be the first to share.  So better late than never, here is Levi;-)  I know that most parents are a little nervous about having a “Holiday” baby.  But having had one myself I think it is a special gift.  During the Christmas season we think of another baby born long ago.  With a focus on the “Christmas Spirit” and good will toward all men there is no better season to bring a child into the world.  Holding a baby in your arms when as large parts of the world take a break from the daily grind to try and focus on peace and love is extra special.  A new baby will reinvent your world for you.

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