Country Strong {Newborn Photographer Seattle Tacoma Puyallup}

Thoughts keep pouring into my head as I have been preparing to blog Jackson’s newborn photography session.  His sweet Mom contacted me and asked if I could make a pride for country theme work.  Sometimes it takes a lot of thought to prepare a theme for a family and still stay true to my photography style.  I spent a whole day brainstorming and driving here and there to borrow the perfect pieces for Jackson’s session.  This was one of the shots I added to my shot list.  It is not an original idea but I thought it was perfect.  (I have to give props to photographer Jodi Otte who I look up to and admire)  As I thought about the theme “love of country” I kept having country music ballads and tunes slip in and out of my thoughts.  I LOVE country music, but with pop loving teenagers (and 4 year olds) living in my house I hardly ever listen anymore.  But the feelings I had when it was my choice of music are still with me.  Listening to country music lifts me up and inspires me.  I know there is a stereo type that the major themes of country music are about dogs, ex wives and tractors, but there is SO MUCH MORE.  Here are some of the things that I think about when I think “country” and the reason I photographed little Jackson here on my husbands (well really it’s mine but I only know three cords) guitar.

When you listen to country you learn:

To love the ground you live on and the soldiers that protect it

American values

Work hard and love hard

Love your family

Live life fully

Believe in God

Be a man

Honor your freedom

Stand tall

Be proud

America is a blessed country

We are blessed to be Americas

So I love that little Jackson here from his very beginnings is being taught to love his country.  And whether or not he becomes a county music fan or star some day I hope he knows, feels and becomes the essence of the message it so often sends.  Happy “birth”day Jackson and may you love your county as much as your sweet hard working mother!

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