I have been looking forward to this shoot with baby Cruz for weeks.  My friend and mentor, Sara Wilhelm, invited me to her studio to shoot this client.  I use mostly studio lighting for my portraits, and Sara uses natural lighting. So this tag-along shoot was such a valuable experience.  It was really fun to watch Sara’s style.  I love her work and she has been our go-to gal for Baby Sara (my youngest – now 2 1/2).  We worked together to try some new poses that neither of us had tried before.  Baby Cruz was the best sport you could ask for!!!  He was like artistic clay.  He did everything we asked of him.  I learned some really valuable things with Sara.  First of all if studio lighting is done well I can’t see a difference between natural light light and the strobes.  Second, I am SOOOO glad I shot with studio lighting.  I was at Sara’s studio for two hours and in that time the quality of light coming in from her beautiful windows changed so much I lost track of how many times I had to change my camera settings.  With my strobes I can set things right at the beginning of a shoot in any conditions (like when there is no sun..mighty necessary her in cloudy Washington) and everything is fine until I’m done.  Unless I want to create an artistically different look.  Strobes are easy, convenient and reliable!  Thank you Sara for the wonderful mentoring moment!

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