I felt like a hot shower and a trip to the spa after this shoot.  Poor Emily…she worked me until I just had nothing more to give.  I have never faced a newborn that bested me like this little girl.  I had been so excited to finally shoot a baby girl after a very long run of baby boys.  I had the hair pretties out, all my girly fabrics and backgrounds and then I hardly used a single one.  Little Emily cried and cried and cried.  Mom and I tried everything.  Feeding her, bouncing her, swaying, pacing, singing…everything, and then we tried it all again.  She cried from the very first picture until the very last effort.  I was so flustered.  I have never had a newborn I couldn’t sooth.  We finally decided that there wasn’t anything else we could do and that it would be best for everyone, especially Emily, if we considered rescheduling.  A week later I got an email from Mom.  Emily had been to the doctor and was diagnosed with some tummy problems that she was going to be on meds for.  Although there weren’t very many pictures on my memory card from Emily’s shoot, I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to get some decent portraits in spite of all the sadness.  Thank goodness for miracles!

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