Fee l Fine Art Photography

Fee means fair.  Curiosity got the better of it and I found myself looking up its origins and meaning one evening.  I wonder if Fee’s parents had this beautiful name picked out before meeting their new little daughter or if it was a name they gave her when they saw how truly beautiful she is.  I have no doubts that this sweet little angle will live up to the blessing of her name.  She has the most perfect lips I have ever seen.  And she is destined for star dome.  She knew how to work the camera even at just a few days old.  She never batted an eye or made a peep.  It was two hours of photographer bliss.  It wasn’t until I tried putting her on the scale that she got the wiggles.  This shoot was extra special.  I love when I have the opportunity to photograph brand new Mom’s and Dad’s with their first child.  Look at Mom’s face.  That is true happiness right there.  She cooed to her precious daughter the whole shoot.  And Dad has one proud smile, don’t you think.  A beautiful family and the perfect session!

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Bjorna - October 8, 2010 - 11:14 pm

Love it!! Thanks so much!
Ps; Fee means Fairy 😉 I think you forgot the ‘Y’ 🙂

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