First Comes Marriage…{Baby Photographer Seattle Tacoma Puyallup}

Zaley is growing up too fast!  It has been my privilege and great pleasure to be her baby photographer.  I have watched her grow from her first few days as a newborn.  I’ve watched her personality blossom and her smiles grow bigger and bigger.  She has been the lovely subject of my lens a few times and I wonder if she knows me.  Does she recognize me when she comes?  I wonder how long a little one’s memory lasts at this point in their development.  Something I do know is that I know her, and I know her mother and I love them.  My pictures will hopefully make a lasting impression for these lovely ladies.  But they have for sure made an impression on me.  I have learned about strength, charity, watch care, sweetness and friendship from Zaley’s mother.  I love these images the most from Zaley’s recent session.  They will always remind me of mother and daughter.  Zaley is sitting on her mother’s wedding dress here.  And I love how is makes Afsi part of this portrait!  I can’t wait to share more from her session so stay tuned;-)  

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Afsi - December 7, 2012 - 8:14 pm

I think she knows you. I also think she knows Sara. I can tell because I see her reaction when we go familiar places like music and swim class. It’s insane how much more they “get” than we think they get at this age. You have documented my daughters first year of fast changes and firsts in an unforgettable and beautiful way!!! <3

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