From My Heart

A sweet client wrote this on her facebook page this morning.  “Jennifer knows how to make a pregnant woman feel beautiful :)”  Aside from making my day it really got me to thinking.  Any great photographer should make you feel beautiful or they aren’t worth their salt.

Reading her comment immediately made me think of a recent experience I had just this summer.  While at a retreat with other wonderfully, amazing photographers I jumped on the opportunity to have some head shots taken.  I was super nervous.  Like many women I have some body issues.  I am very self conscious and HATE, LOATHE, DREAD to be photographed.  But I did.  That evening when, Marie of Finished Vision Photography was showing us her shots from the day my image came up.  I know it is cheesy!  But I didn’t even recognize myself.  Honest to goodness I asked, “who’s that?”  When all of my friends started laughing and Marie indicated that it was my portrait, I started to cry.  I looked so beautiful.  (and I say that in the least bit egotistical way possible).  I started to cry.  I couldn’t believe that beautiful woman looking at me on screen was me.  I was so touched.

There are a few things that made that possible:

One – Marie has studied how to pose women.  It is a science and an art.

Two – Marie loves what she does.  She is dedicated to creating a beautiful portrait.

Third – and maybe most important, Marie loves her clients.  She sees in them a beauty they sometimes can not see in themselves and works to carry that into her image.

When I looked at that portrait (my facebook profile image).  What I am seeing was myself through her eyes, my true self, not the very judged image I see of myself.  Since that experience, which by the way, still makes me tear up, I have really tried to redouble my efforts to help my clients to have that same experience.  Sometimes the greatest lesson is learned from being on the other side of the lens.  I want you to see yourselves the way I see you.  Absolutely beautiful, stunning women!  An I wouldn’t mind knowing that you shed a tear or two because you were so pleased;-)

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