From Newborn to Cake Smash – Celebrating A Year Full Of Change

This was a bitter sweet day for me.  Luke has been a star client for me.  He was come to see me for every stage.  I have seen him as he learned to lift his head.  With my camera I caught him on the verge of sitting.  Then at nine months it was a privileged to see him stand.  This week he took some of his very steps in my studio.  I have been there, watching and recording as Luke as made a very special journey from the plump little newborn that he once was to the sweet chubby snuggle bug that he is today.  I love growing with my newborn’s as they discover all the wonderful things their bodies can do and grow into the personalities that make them who they are.  We celebrated Luke’s journey this week with a cake smash!  It is a perfect way to end his first year.  I know I’ve said it before but I love cake smash sessions.  They are so much fun.  Toddlers are always such wiggle worms, always on the move.  That is until you put a cake in front of them.  Luke was a wonderful sport and even got a little finger painting done on the side.  But then it was time to wrap up.  As his mother loaded him into his car seat and pulled down my driveway one last time…I was overwhelmed with how sad it will be to not see his chubby cheeks in my studio anymore.  It is time for mom to have another baby;-)

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