Ft. Lewis Baby Photographer ~ Ellie

Ellie this year you turn one.  We celebrated your first baby birthday a very special way, with a cake smash.  Your mommy made you a yummy homemade cake.  You weren’t too interested in the cake, but you loved the frosting.  So you sat there, cute as could be and with one dainty finger lick at a time decided to conquer that frosting.  This birthday is the first of many.  But it is extra special.  You reached a very important milestone, as so your mommy and daddy wanted to hire me, a baby photographer, to capture in beautiful portraits this special event.  One, that is such a small word for such a big accomplishment.  Think of all of the wonderful things you have learned.  All of the big changes that you were totally the boss at mastering.  Just a year ago, you couldn’t lift your head up.  Three hundred and sixty five days ago you could even make your hand open when you wanted to and now look at you clapping.  Such a BIG girl.  Twelve months ago you couldn’t feed yourself, you couldn’t laugh and you couldn’t smile.  Now you are super duper at all of those things.  What an amazing year it has been.  And so we celebrate with special picture of the birthday girl doing the big girl things she has learned.

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Ft. Lewis Baby Photographer

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