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Gig Harbor Newborn Photographer

I am always so happy for families who are adding a baby girl to their family.  Having three daughters myself I know what a wonderful blessing they are.  This wonderful family hired me a few years ago to be their son’s Gig Harbor newborn photographer.  What a wonderful surprise it was to hear from them earlier in the year to hear they were expecting again and this time awaiting a little princess.  Daughters are the hope of a future best friend.  I have seen myself making a change as the years go by and my girls get older.  I used to need a night out with girl friends in order to fill my tank and refresh and renew myself.  Now those times more often than not have been replaced with hanging out with my girls.  We enjoy good movies and good food.  We shop at the same favorite stores.  My love of musicals and ballets is enthusiastically shared by three eager girlfriends.  While I still crave a night out on the town with my adult girlfriends I see a future where my girls meet that need more and more.  I look forward stories about their first kiss, their first love, and their adventures at college.  I can’t wait to watch them become mothers.  Having a daughter is like adding a little bit of magic into life.  All the singing, dancing around the house and endless hours of playing make believe.  It just makes me so happy for this wonderful family thinking of all the magic that is in store for them.  Little girls truly do put the color into your world.  They say that angels are disguised as daughters.  It is so so very true!

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