Gig Harbor Newborn Photographer ~ Legacy


I can’t help but to love my job.  Being a newborn photographer allows me to be part of the most important events that happen to a family.  Bringing a new baby home is such a blessing.  I get to know families and meet each of their little infants that they welcome to their family.  I am so excited for the “L” family to welcome a little boy.  The have the perfect family.  A daughter and a son.  Children to pass their legacy and family traditions down to.  A boy to carry on the family name.

Not only will Ryder be taught what being part of the “L” family is all about and how to honor and respect his family name, he will be taught to become a part of the traditions that make that family who they are.  One of the things that his family does that bring them together is to hunt.  I think it is pretty cool that it isn’t just Dad and Grandpa who get to participate.  Mom does too.  I can totally see a time a few years down the road when they are doing it together as a family.

I truly believe that families who participate in a hobby together are stronger for it!  Welcome to your family Ryder.  I know they will bring you up to be strong and good.

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