Gig Harbor Newborn Photographer ~ Perfectly Named

Amber has come to see me from Gig Harbor for newborn portraits of all three of her girls.  I photographed her twins Emma and Claire in 2012.  Last week I got to meet the newest addition to their perfect little family, Kate.  When I read in an email that Amber was to name her newest daughter Kate I chuckled to myself.  She is one of many families that I meet who have named their daughters the same names I used for my own.  Those beautiful girl names always run together.  My oldest is an Emma, my middle is a Kate (she would have been a Claire, but my sister-in-law had just used the name the year before) and my youngest is Sara.  Sure enough, Sara was also on her list.  It has happened to me so many times.

We discussed why we chose those names.  They are beautiful and classic.  They are buttery names (that is how I describe them because they just roll right off the tongue).  But while being perfectly classic and feminine they are also just a bit spunky and modern.  They are timeless names.  If we look at the meaning behind the names, Amber has three very blessed girls.

Whole and complete

Clear and Bright


What beautiful adjectives to describe three lovely sisters.  I am so excited for this family to enjoy the world of girls.  My own daughters bring me so much joy.  They are the lights of my life.  Congratulations to a lovely family.

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