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Graham Maternity Photographer

When expecting mothers are looking for a Graham maternity photographer I hope they find me.  Taking the day to create beautiful portraits of a woman who is radiating with motherhood is a privilege.  I love being able to show women how beautiful they are.  Nature looks beautiful on everyone.  Fullness of life  and and beautiful round curves are the tokens of a miracle about to be born.  There is no greater thing in this life that a woman can do than to give life to another.  As a Graham maternity photographer I try to make my portraits reflect those feelings.  The emotions involved in pregnancy ( at least the best ones).  Expectations, joy, happiness, anticipation, the spiritual and the sacred feelings of becoming a mother.  Nine months of learning to love the unseen.  Nine months of thinking about that first moment of meeting.  Nine months to prepare for the rest of your life.  Anna is about to become a mother.  I am so glad she saw the value in capturing that “becoming” on camera to treasure it up in her heart forever.  Motherhood is the very heart and soul of a woman.

The best part is that I get to see this beautiful client again in just a few short weeks once she has brought her baby girl into the world.  I can not wait to meet her and celebrate her arrival with her adoring family.  Photographing newborns feeds my soul.  What a joy it is to hold perfection in your hands and to freeze it and the joy and happiness that goes with it in a photograph.  I’m convinced that the only job that is more fulfilling is getting to be the person that helps to bring babies into the world.  And in this baby girl’s case, that honor will be filled by her grandma, Midwife extraordinaire, Nancy Spencer.

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