Grandmas Are Superheros! {Newborn Photographer Seattle Tacoma Puyallup}

Corey brought his very own personal superhero to his newborn photography session.  She was amazing.  No little detail went unnoticed.  Always alert, every need was attended to.  Who was the superhero?  His Grandma.  I love when Grandma’s get to come to sessions.  They are seasoned pros.  Watching grandma hold and sush little Corey right back to sleep was so touching and sweet (and very helpful).  Every time I turned around to grab a wipe or a burp cloth she was right there, anticipating my needs.    I don’t want to let her return home to Korea.  I think she would make the very best assistant!

When I was having babies I felt like my Mom was a superhero.  I cried after all four kids were born when her stay was over and it was time for her to return.  She had to have had super powers.  How else could one woman do and be it all.  She did all the cleaning, cooking, laundry.  She drove my other children wherever they needed to be and played with them ALL DAY LONG.  She was up in the evening with me to take the babies and rock them back to sleep after she had brought them to me to eat.  She changed the diapers, and cleaned up the toys.  When she left and I knew that all of those things were now my responsibility again I felt hopeless.  I think moms should have soemthing like the bat signal to call their moms back when there is disaster looming.

I know that Corey’s Grandma is going to be separated by a lot of water and several other countries but  something tells me that she will be a superhero grandma even from afar.  Their may be some frequent flies miles adding up on both his Mom’s and Grandma’s account;-)  Corey you are a lucky little boy to have such a wonderful Grandma!

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