Hello There Belly Button {Baby Photographer Seattle Tacoma Puyallup}

One of the reasons I absolutely LOVE baby photography sessions is that I get to see little budding personalities.  Six months is the very best age.  All of a sudden your newborn can laugh, smile, explore and learn as she gets to try new things.  Sweet little Caitlin was sitting all comfy and cozy in my little nest playing with the fringes on her little owl hat.  And then she noticed her belly button.  It was the perfect squishy little place for her chubby little finger.  I wounder what she was thinking….

Maybe somewhere along the lines of, “Well hello there little hole.  I haven’t seen you before.  How did you get there?”

Caitlin also got to try her first fruit puffs at her 6 month session.  I love that there are so many firsts to experience in a baby’s first year!  The photographic possibilities are endless.  There are some excellent books out there to help you make the most of your camera and home environment when photographing all these “special” moments.  A book I recommend is: How To Photograph Your Baby by Nick Kelsh.  It has some great tips on how you can get the best pictures at home of all these precious moments.  You can get it for $11 on Amazon!

Happy memory making;-)

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