In Good Hands {Newborn Photography Seattle Tacoma Puyallup}

Little baby Keira is going to be very loved.  During her newborn photography session I had the pleasure to have some excellent conversation with her amazing parents as we rocked and shushed this little lady into a sleepy stupor.  It was wonderful to share our parenting strategies with each other.  Raising children in today’s world can be so daunting.  There are so many traps for them to fall into.  So many struggles.  For a youngster to grow into a well adjusted, caring, educated and hard working adult takes some major doing.  We share some of the same concerns and have consequently put in place some similar rules.  Sometimes I feel like I just really click with a family.  And sometimes I wish that I could have more of a friendship with the wonderful mothers that come my way.  Like Shannon, so many of you amaze me.  Your strength, love and dedication to your families is inspiring.

As this really great family packed up their stuff to head home.  And I handed off sweet little Kiera, I knew that she and her siblings were in good hands.  Hands that cared and worked and were ready to lead so that she can become the very best version of herself.

And so I chose this image of one sweet unassuming, totally innocent baby girl safe and sound and very cozy in her daddy’s hands.  How much does this Daddy love his daughter?  Maybe enough to bear her burdens, maybe enough to hold her when she needs a shoulder to lean on.  Maybe enough to hold her hand as walks her down the isle someday.  Maybe there isn’t a way to put to words just how much a parent loves their child…

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