Innocence Is Beauty

As a newborn photographer I try really hard to stick to a pure and innocent style.  You bring me your brand new babies and trust me to capture them as they are tiny, fresh, perfect.  The last thing I would want to do EVER would be to destroy all of that by cluttering your baby’s portrait with tons of stuff.  When it comes down to it there isn’t anything that can add to the perfection of a brand new baby.  Images like this are always my favorite.  There is very little posing here.  I let Emily curl up her little hands and hold them tightly to her face.  All I had to do was make sure her feet were in the right place to keep her modest.  The wrap is not just an “accessorie”, it has a job.  It keeps her tight and cozy and that comforts her.  She is the star of the show, just as she should be.  Her sweet innocence is all that there is to behold.  Honestly I could look at this portrait ALL DAY LONG.  I love her little chin, her sweetly rounded cheek, the way she has her fist snuggled in tight to her face, her tiny perfect toes, creamy complexion and full, round little tummy.  At that moment in time she was the most perfect thing in the whole world, and now her parents can always remember.

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